Occupancy & utilization studies. White papers, course and curriculum writing, primary research & secondary research.

Test fits, user experience mock-up, program calculations, and application of design strategy and program to a given floor plate.

Application of a brand to physical design and architectural experience. Inspiration response or deep-dive design.

All design services necessary to fit out a commercial building, including interior walls, furniture, finishes & fixtures, and accessories as needed.

Integration &

Change Management

Supporting staff and management through changes in the physical space and the impact of those changes to their work and lives.


A book of standards to guide expansion of a retail group, corporation, airport, or other real estate portfolio.


Research + Analytics

Design thinking and human-centered design strategies are built on a fundamental research base. Research and analytics include quantitative market statistics and qualitative research, pulled together into a wholistic picture of user needs and wants.

Design strategy is the process by which our team works with you to form a solution to these identified user needs.


Planning services are offered to determine how a given space can be used most efficiently. Planning services are delivered as part of a strategic design engagement, or as a series of “test fits” or sample floor plans. These test fits will respond to requirements determined in the design strategy phase or by the client, and are laid out with recommended adjacencies, traffic flows, and appropriate code requirements.

Brand Strategy

Whether it’s a one-day vision session or a more thorough engagement, Havana Hyde works with clients to distill a brand identity, and develop it’s visual presence from there.



During the design phase, the team turns idea into place.

User interface & experience design build out the graphic style, communications, service infrastructure, and delivery of a product or service. Havana Hyde has worked on everything from bicycle retail to digital financial product engagement.

Physical design includes all design services necessary to fit out a commercial building, including interior walls, furniture, finishes & fixtures, and accessories as needed. Architectural detailing, cladding, sculptural installation, and all of the parts of an environment that touch a client’s fingertips are designed and detailed – to code and commercial specifications.

Design Guidelines

Design guidelines collate all of the work put into how a corporation wants to evoke brand, allocate space, and experience the built environment. Guidelines enable clients to scale their real estate portfolio while maintaining the look, feel, and practicality established throughout research & strategy phases.

Integration & Change Management

Workplace implementation is the process of managing a change in work style, work setting, or behavior at work. Managing this kind of change includes behavioral, tactical, and communications management.

Please reach out to discuss any upcoming changes in your organization and how we might support you through the process.

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