Analytics are studies and reports focused on real estate and consumer/employee behavior as pertains to a given region, sector, client type, or other focal variable. Studies can be client-agnostic or a competitive analysis for a particular client.

As attracting new talent or consumers becomes more and more competitive, understanding profiles, preferences, and geographic trends help RE portfolio managers get an edge on responding to future demand.

Studies might answer questions like "in what region is there a lot of biology talent?" "do we need a bigger cafeteria?" "are my customers seeing as much of my establishment as I'd like when they come through the door?". The way we get the answers in analytics is by going out and doing the work. We count, ask, and read to figure out what there is to see and why we see it.

Innovation Consulting Lab Occupancy Analysis

This innovation lab was mid-implementation between old and new office. They were practicing various hybrid meeting & working schedules to see how hard they could or couldn't flex the space. This is study contracted Density to install doorway headcounters and keep track of how many people used each team room and when throughout the day.

Telecom Corporation

Portfolio Utilization Analysis

A large telecom corporation was undergoing a major acquisition. The portfolio included 3 offices within 15 miles of each other. Each had specialty functions but not all were working for employees. We researched what was successful, what was holding associates back, and how to edit the portfolio to meet everyone's needs.

San Francisco SOMA District

Retail Demographic Study

This client was looking to start a business, catering to tech professionals in the South of Market neighborhood of San Francisco.

Sequestered between the Caltrain and the Ferry building, and from Market Street to the ballpark, the SOMA district has become home to start-ups who were jaded by the valley and looking for the diversity that urban life can offer.

Our client wanted to capitalize on their hunger for social contact and urban amenities! The questions of the study were: where is tech working and where is their foot traffic the highest?

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