Design Research & Writing

The design strategy process begins with understanding the core values & culture of a business and how the business would like to reflect itself. This information is typically captured in a series of focus groups, interviews, and surveys, soliciting user and management feedback.

Once captured, design strategy expresses these values & culture in a series of design principals intended to guide the ensuing architectural & interior design.

The design strategy phase deliverable includes a design guideline, including a “program” - a list of identified space needs - and recommendations on how to express brand via materials and aesthetics.

The program may include space needs like conference rooms, lobbies, or lounge seating area; a welcome kiosk, check-in counter, play area, or waiting seating in an airport; booths, 4-person tables, private dining rooms, or a kitchen in a restaurant, etc. Design recommendations may include a palette of colors and materials or sketches of key features like entryways or large gathering spaces.



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