Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

The brand strategy process begins with understanding the core values & culture of a business and how the business would like to reflect itself. This information is typically captured in a series of focus groups, interviews, and surveys, soliciting user and management feedback. Once captured, brand strategy expresses these values & culture in a series of design principals intended to guide the ensuing architectural & interior design. Deliverables may includes a space program and recommendations on how to express brand via materials and aesthetics.


For this quick project, Pinterest was looking for a perspective on how their team might tackle a real estate portfolio, while maintaining brand consistency and a singular POV. Following interviews with varying members of Pinterest founder, Evan Sharp’s team, Havana Hyde was able to present a 2-sheet visual response to Pinterest culture. This served as background to a larger discussion on where to go next with office design, work-life experience, and efficient scaling of the Pinterest portfolio.

Flow Lab

Start-up, Flow Lab, came to Havana Hyde for direction on how their brand might manifest in physical space. Flow Lab, a “We Work meets Equinox” startup, was focused on yoga and mind-body wellness for the driven professional. In promoting mind-body wellness, yoga and career workshops were to be regularly offered. Havana Hyde put together a visual brief on how space might support the end goal.

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