The Portfolio is a highlight of the Interior Architecture projects, however, we are not limited to these projects, check our our SERVICES for more.

Outpost Nosara

If there’s a theme to Havana Hyde’s work, it’s that work should be fun. Enter Stephanie Tannenbaum and Sarah Kosterlitz of Outpost Nosara who had a similar inkling. These North American transplants wanted to create a co-working space that could get them from surf session to zoom meeting to social time seamlessly. Enter Havana Hyde and Loop Architects. While Loop designed a structure that was responsive to the environment and climate, Havana Hyde helped the founders identify future user groups and their needs, then lay out an experience that would meet those needs throughout the day. Havana Hyde supported Tannenbaum and Kosterlitz throughout the design process – articulating the circulation and experience of their clients through design. Clients now use single or double offices, the library, and bookable meeting spaces within their private space; and gather at the cafe/social side of the compound for coffee, drinks, and the company of surfers and gig workers from around the globe who have found a special home in Nosara.

Pit Viper

The logo at Pit Viper is famously “demand respect and authority”. Pit Viper has inspired a global generation by unreservedly demanding that the pursuit of good times and good laughs be tantamount to a life well lived. Havana Hyde partnered with Pit Viper to make a space that felt like home to a bunch of can-smashing, moto-driving, big-air-going, potato-gun wielding PROfessionals.

Fidelity Investor Centers

Fidelity brightened up the investing experience for clients coming into physical investor centers. The project takes a thoughtful approach to customer experience with attention to major life events at the forefront.

Financial Institution Next Generation Workplace

The financial behemoth wanted to shake up the corporate day-in-the-life. This project started way back with research and analytics to understand talent – how did target talent like to live, work; where was financial talent; how can we build an experience of the workday to attract that talent, then keep them happy and healthy at work? Physical space was 1/6 of the larger initiative to reconsider schedule, brand strategy, benefits, wellness and eating at work, commuting, and the office itself. The work for us began in how to integrate associates back into the space. A 6-week interactive learning and familiarization program got staff excited and in control of their new workspace. Next step was to make this a global precedent for the firm’s 50k employees with a global guideline. Keep your eyes open for a new way of working in Finance!

Cozy Work Rooms

Sometimes work begs a little privacy – to focus, to have a conversation, to take a phone call… Here, rooms were retrofitted to meet this need.

Merrimack Office

Merrimack is a large office campus with beautiful New Hampshire landscape. The building itself has a very deep floor plate, so we had to keep the ceiling active to relieve the distant outdoor sight lines. Things got a fresh update with some texture, color, and Randy’s signature care for lighting!

SFO – San Francisco International Airport, Terminal 3

At Gensler, work on the SFO, T3 project included an interdisciplinary team members from interior design, strategy, engineering, architecture, retail design, and urban planning studios. Images courtesy of Gensler.

Sequoia Capital

Sequoia Capital wanted a new office that combined their legacy with a graciousness that invites founders to come in, be themselves, and partner with the Sequoia team to incubate impactful companies. At Gensler, design work included concept, brand strategy, and design. Images courtesy of Gensler.