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Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 9.58.13 PM

Lillet + Champagne (here)


Beautiful via Travel-Inspired Shopping Site. (I am going to say it though – nothing like working at a start up to finance the rest of your life… See story.)


Danielle (friend) and I have been obsessing over these Vincent Van Duysen Ceramic Pots. They come in many sizes, but they all have a tremendous presence and gorgeous mood. I LOVE them.


Reception + Stair of Italian Skateboard Company office. (store)


Just noticing how worldly these 4 things are… Travel far, live well…

xo, Liv

Happy Easter!!

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eggs 2


Vinegar + Water + Color Dye = Cute Easter decoration & some happy kiddos! (Dish: Alessi Babyboop Two-Section Hors D’oeuvre Dish).


xo, Liv

What Greenland Does Well

March 4, 2014 § 1 Comment

I’ve been curious about Greenland for a while. From the first time we all learned about Greenland’s naming to a few years ago when my friend married a native Greenlander. It’s a mystery because I have no purpose to take me there and getting there would be an enormous effort.  I design and create, so I wondered what they create…


The tremendous native culture there has centuries of history in their ability to sustain. Fishing practices have been passed on through generations and one of the oldest crafts is kayak building. Greenlanders have long been some of the best kayakers in the world, but should probably also be hailed for building some of the most beautiful boats in the world.


Cheers to maintaining beautiful transitions! Have a lovely weekend!

xo, liv

Travel to Thailand

February 15, 2013 § 1 Comment

I love traveling to waterfront locations, but I am also aware of the awesome opportunities to get deeper into a country’s history in the mountains. Planning a dream vacation to Thailand with my friend Parima, I’m going with ocean-mountains-city-ocean. Parima is Thai-American, so I gave her my random ideas, and she hit me back with what’s really cool. Here is what we came up with together.

I want to see Phuket maybe for a few days to get into the vacation spirit and acclimate with the kiddos. It’s a relatively easy to get to island in Thailand. Parima recommends Six Senses Resort. You can get a massage under the stars or take a tour by boat during the day!



Next, off to the mountains! Chiang Mai is also great, ‘up in the north with all them mountains and amazing temples’. (Parima). The recommended resort there is The Chedi. There are amazing temples to see and I know we would love going for hikes in the mountains.



Lastly, I thought I could skip the city, but Bangkok is not to be missed. Aside from ‘One Night in Bangkok’ from the musical about Chess, I knew nothing of the city. Eat a lot to make up for all the adventuring you’ve been doing by the beach and in the mountains at Cafe Chilli, Yaowarat Street, and Baan Nam Kiang Din. Go out in the city at Sofitel So rooftop or Amorosa, where you’ll have a view of Wat Arun (one of Bangkok’s oldest temples) across the river. And of course, shop shop shop at JJ Market, the largest market in the world.



If it was me, and it is, I’d probably do a final day at the spa before packing up and heading back to home sweet home!

Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Travels!

xo, Liv

Greats at the Tate

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I love the Tate Modern in London, and came across the Airplane Installation by Fiona Banner today. I thought it’d be fun to share some of the bests that have graced the famed museum. Here are a few of the greats that have been in the Tate installation hall.


Airplane Installation by Fiona Banner.






Shibboleth II by Doris Salcedo.

Bodyspacemotionthings playground7

Bodyspacemotionthings by Robert Morris.

Cute Wrapping Ideas

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Does anyone remember the old Sprite slogan, ‘image is everything’? Here are some cute ways to play up your present this year, because everyone loves getting something pretty!





Happy Holidays!

xo, Liv

Holiday Sparkle

November 30, 2012 § 1 Comment

Happy Holidays! I love sparkle and festive attitude we add to our repetoire at the holidays. Hope you do too!

1. purse found on Polyvore.

2.floating candles and glitter from Pinterest.

3. dress from StyleCaster.

4. envelopes on Etsy.

5. Sequin dress, ‘glamp’, at Coco+Kelley.

6. Paper on Habitually Chic.

7. DIY glitter feathers from Ryan, Michelle, and Ellie Mae.

8. Nails found on Pinterest.

9. Shoes from Madewell.

Happy Friday! Enjoy your holiday weather and warm up with some Sparkle!



4 Things

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I like installing on one wall and leaving the others empty. It packs more of a punch than 3′ high shelving all the way around – and is more interesting.

The twisted siding around the framing of that room is awesome!

We dont think about exterior color enough (unless you work for the Historical Preservation Commission, in which case you have regulated attention to colors for the exterior of homes – no judgement.) I like dark colors for a lot of practical reasons, but mostly they have a rich feel to them.


Love this piece of artwork. No idea where it’s from!

DIY White Bead & Pewter Necklace

November 7, 2012 § 1 Comment

This necklace was inspired by my purchase of a few strands of African beads when a local dealer visited my work a couple months back. I bought a few strands and wanted to go metalic with these gorgeous carved beads.

I used my strands of beads, some ‘Pewter’ metallic thread from JoAnn Fabrics, and my sewing kit!

Thread your needle, and pop on as many beads as you want. How cute are these fishscale-style ones?

Once you have your whole strand on, even out the beads, double check the drop on your neck and…

Tie a series of hitch knots (or pretzel knots if you have no idea what that is!).

Voila! Get your Christmas presents done with a fun weekend activity!


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I was talking to my older sister yesterday, who is a veterinarian and not always so inclined towards design opinions, but I had a twinge of pride when she told me my mom’s new bedding solution needs a little more contrast, so here are some images on contrast (not related to my mom’s bedding :)







Finding the right contrast, a note of black on white, or texture on soft, is sometimes the perfect way to set off a great piece. Next time you love something, but it’s not quite there, try picking up some contrast and see if it does wonders for your space/outfit!

xo, Liv

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