We moved!! We have crossed the country all the way back to the Boston area and… like any good designer, I’m obsessing over lighting. Here are some fav’s. xo, Liv

Workplace: A Settling Millennial Generation Drives Interest in On-Site Daycare

Workplace: A Settling Millennial Generation Drives Interest in On-Site Daycare

Patagonia reports that 100% of mom’s have returned to work in the past 5 years after giving birth, a statistic that far out-performs the nation’s average of 65%. With 92% of Millennials reporting Live/Work balance as the top priority when considering a new job, it’s no surprise that as Millennials find partners and start families, workplaces that accommodate their family needs will stand apart from the rest in talent retention.

Tech Trends: Identity

Tech Trends: Identity

The connectivity resulting from social media has led to more transparency than ever before.  Now that workers can see the inner workings of the companies to which they belong, they are wanting to engage with the founding and innovating processes at those companies. Young people expect the same transparency they experience on social media in […]

Creative + Analytical

So much of my journey has been a careful balance between the creative and the analytical portions of our work. How I work, how other people work, and what areas of focus are dynamic and interesting to me, have all compelled me to begin my own brand of design thinking. Under my now familiar Havana Hyde […]

Coyote Pack in a Snowstorm

I am from Gloucester, Massachusetts. Like any local, I know the ins and outs of this town probably better than I want to.  The coyote packs on Eastern Point have been a big to-do for a number of years now.  They came out to worship the waves last week, captured on Good Morning Gloucester. Hope […]

Skatepark Cool

My son’s obsession has caught my attention lately.  The structure and careful engineering that go into skateable landscape is quite complex. Many skateparks look overdone or underdone, but I’ve come across some that are truly works of art. Park by BANG Architectes in St. Pierre, Belgium. Park by Team Pain in Rocklin, California. LES Skatepark […]

Boots Boots Boots

Heading into fall season, I’m examining my boot collection (or lack there of). And I am lately obsessed with La Botte Gardiane. Here are my faves, but enjoy looking for yourself too! xo, Liv

“the moon,” a new series of drawings from crystal liu.

“the moon,” a new series of drawings from crystal liu.

Originally posted on a gallerist's musings:
like all of her work, these use nature as metaphor to explore human emotion.   her inconography of trees, water, rocks, mountains, clouds and the stars and moon recount stories, or maybe it’d be more accurate to say open-ended fables.   because even after you’ve deciphered her symbolic language, it’s…

Happy Easter!!

Vinegar + Water + Color Dye = Cute Easter decoration & some happy kiddos! (Dish: Alessi Babyboop Two-Section Hors D’oeuvre Dish).   xo, Liv

Mike D in Brooklyn – New York Times

The New York Times did a piece in their Style section on Mike D’s townhouse in Brooklyn, NY. And, all of us who screamed “No Sleep til Brooklyn” in the middle of the night at some point in our lives (regardless of how close or far we were from Brooklyn), feel totally authenticated in his […]