Mike D in Brooklyn – New York Times

The New York Times did a piece in their Style section on Mike D’s townhouse in Brooklyn, NY. And, all of us who screamed “No Sleep til Brooklyn” in the middle of the night at some point in our lives (regardless of how close or far we were from Brooklyn), feel totally authenticated in his […]

Cuban Girl Marries White Boy

  I feel so badly about not having posted much in the past three months that I decided to share a little nugget of awesome with you all. Your favorite Cuban girl wore nothing exciting to go dancing at a fishing hut with my lovely New Englander husband! laugh yourselves silly! xo, liv

Blog Call

I’m embarrassed to say I more or less forgot about my ‘Blogs I Follow’ page. It is now updated with all the blogs I follow and love. If yours isn’t on there and you want me to take a look, let us know! xo, Liv

Everyday I’m Hustlin

If you haven’t known me since at least college, you probably don’t know that I think I’m thug. I saw this and loved it so much, I wanted to make a whole post for it. Get your hustle on. xo, Liv

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“This playful city house consists of a new wooden home built inside the existing brick framework of the old house.” (via) xx, Valentina

Cute Wrapping Ideas

Does anyone remember the old Sprite slogan, ‘image is everything’? Here are some cute ways to play up your present this year, because everyone loves getting something pretty!   Happy Holidays! xo, Liv

Recycled Planters

Not that you’re really in the mind to get planting just yet, but I loved some of these images/ideas on how to reuse old building pieces to make a cute, small planting. Hope you like too! xo, Liv

Congratulations Carrie!

My big sister is engaged to the man of her dreams and I couldn’t be happier for her! Hope you all love this classic look! xo, Liv

4 Things

This week’s ‘4 Things’ goes back to my blog roll call for some real faves from the last few weeks. Hope you’re feeling as refreshed from a good holiday as I do! via Coco + Kelley. I love a well-done fireplace. This little nook is too cute. Laquered box via Design Sponge. via Ideas y […]

Originally posted on seattleinspired:
Yes, electric components can create this. (via) xx, Valentina