Mike D in Brooklyn – New York Times

The New York Times did a piece in their Style section on Mike D’s townhouse in Brooklyn, NY. And, all of us who screamed “No Sleep til Brooklyn” in the middle of the night at some point in our lives (regardless of how close or far we were from Brooklyn), feel totally authenticated in his […]

Anne Lindberg

I saw a drawing by Anne Lindberg when I was on tour a tech Executive Center.  And, wow! Here’s some of her work to get you motivated to go see some good art this weekend!   xo, Liv

4 Things

  Here are some great images from blogs I read. Click on the image to go to the site I’m sourcing from. If you like the image, I guarantee you’ll like where it’s coming from!   xo, Liv  


Here’s a stunning photograph taken by an old neighbor in New England of the waves during Blizzard Nemo.   Happy Monday. xo, Liv

Andy Singleton

I came across this installation by Andy Singleton when looking for telescopes online. I have a special way of searching…. But the reason they came up is because they are inspired by nebuli in the Milky way. I hope you love as much as I do!   (via) xo, Liv

Everyday I’m Hustlin

If you haven’t known me since at least college, you probably don’t know that I think I’m thug. I saw this and loved it so much, I wanted to make a whole post for it. Get your hustle on. xo, Liv

Rapha Parklet in San Francisco Marina!

Recently hitting Architizer, the San Francisco Chronical, Atlantic Cities, and Huffington Post is the sensational Rapha Parklet installed in the Marina district of San Francisco designed by Rebar, and my friend, Justin Ackerman. Rapha Cycle Club is a bike and coffee shop that commisioned the work for customers and the public to enjoy.  Parklets have […]

Greats at the Tate

I love the Tate Modern in London, and came across the Airplane Installation by Fiona Banner today. I thought it’d be fun to share some of the bests that have graced the famed museum. Here are a few of the greats that have been in the Tate installation hall. Airplane Installation by Fiona Banner.   […]