A New Home for the Hydes

October 8, 2017 § 3 Comments

Last spring, we packed 4 bikes, a roof rack, and every pillow & blanket our kids could fit into our car and headed for Zion. We spent 2 weeks mountain biking through Utah before landing just north of Boston, where we started in on renovating our new home. After a few months of Z sweating it out, we’ve finally moved into Hamilton, MA.

Living RoomLiving Room  It’s great to follow other designers because I saw this Hudson Louie pillow on Field Theory‘s instagram and got myself an early house warming gift! I put our Valentine’s prints all around the house – it’s fun to see the collection grow over time and each one reminds me of another wild year we’ve had.

KitchenKitchen The kids sit at the island to do homework while we make dinner or eat their breakfast while we all get ready for the day. It’s bright and makes me this place feel like home! Shelves: White Oak, built by Zander, slab from Anderson McQuaid. Hardware: Lewis Dolin. Cabinets: Ikea!

diningroom2.jpgDining Room We finally have a space big enough for our dinning table! This room feels 10 years in the making, and it’s my favorite spot to work when I’m home. Carpet (still going 8 years strong!) Chairs: Target. Candlesticks: Roost.

diningroom.jpgThis is a fun nook of the Dining Room. I used an image of this terrarium for one of my first Concept Design presentations and had to track one down. I couldn’t find a link to save my life, but hopefully I’ll plant it soon! Planter basket: Amazon. Art: Oliver Jeffers.

Thacher's Room

Thacher’s Room The kids have their own rooms – finally! We indulged in some mom-kiddo design and Thach picked the wave wallpaper. We spraypainted my mom’s childhood desk and found her name scribbled inside a drawer! Chair: Serena & Lily. Wallpaper & Pillow: Aimee Wilder. Throw: Design Within Reach.


Marleys RoomMarley’s Room I need to do a whole post on Marley’s room, every direction is just as good as the next! I love this little corner with her beanbag and the desk that we wrapped wtih cactuses ourselves during a great DIY day! We also painted her and Thacher’s chairs, which my mom salvaged from my preschool! Beanbag Chair: Pottery Barn Kids. Vanity textile: Spoonflower. Carpet: West Elm.

This house holds my mom’s childhood desk, chairs from my preschool classroom, a valentine’s print for every year we’ve been married, and a dining table that Zander and I bought 9 years ago and have been waiting to fit into a home. We’re finally there and it feels great. I’m excited to finally get to share and look forward to musing on the seasons with all of you!

xo, Liv

Jochen Hein

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I posted Stardust from a long list of blogs it had already been featured on a while ago. But I revisited the artist’s own website and found several other gems I thought I’d share.Jochen Hein 3 Jochen Hein 2

Jochen Hein


Hope everyone had a nice Labor Day Weekend!



7 on Locust

April 25, 2014 § 1 Comment

I can be a little on the lazy side… If there’s one place to go and get everything I need, I will gladly do that. So, I was thrilled to find that 7 on Locust has set up shop in my local Mill Valley! And for any of you who suffer the same malady, don’t worry – you can be even lazier than I am, and access their offerings via the website.

I was recently in and 7 on Locusts’ owner, Nadine Curtis, walked me through some fave’s! Thought I’d share…

Dress, Eggs, Bag

Ostrich Eggs, imported from South Africa $38. Totebag by Winston, $288. Dress by Anna Von Hellens, $360. Round Mirror curated by Elena Calabrese & Nadine Curtis.


MANDELA: The Authorized Portrait by Mac Maharaj, $50. Silver Stream Pebble Table & Gold Tree Stump Table, call 7 on Locust for pricing, 415.388.9696. Cruiser Sail Tote by 7 on Locust with Recycled America’s Cup Sails, $49.




Glass Vases, $25. Leather Door Stop by 7 on Locust, $118. African Boy is by Tyrrel Thaysen of Knysna, South Africa from The Small Square Series by The Creative Block, South Africa. $135

I love the offerings, but the reason it’s worth a visit is to see the artistic community that Nadine is nurturing in her space.  Not every storekeeper opens up the back of their space for fellow artists and designers to keep office space and collaborate, but Nadine has embraced her community, continuing to surround herself with friends and inspiration!   A meeting of creative minds is always a good time, and the front side of the store is just a reflection of how beautiful that can be!

xo, Liv

Art & Prints

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tumblr_my0z02fnSw1qij426o1_500 tumblr_md0203g9NV1r6w3qso1_r2_500


Something about solitude among a larger whole makes us feel introspective.  Solitude in and of itself is not reflective, but in the face of something larger, greater, and complete, solitude can be like nirvana.

4 Things

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Shoe Cart via Flor’s Blog


Reclaimed Door Headboard via Glamourai




via Make, Do, Spend

nina farmer kitchen office


Beautiful storage via La Dolce Vita

What Greenland Does Well

March 4, 2014 § 1 Comment

I’ve been curious about Greenland for a while. From the first time we all learned about Greenland’s naming to a few years ago when my friend married a native Greenlander. It’s a mystery because I have no purpose to take me there and getting there would be an enormous effort.  I design and create, so I wondered what they create…


The tremendous native culture there has centuries of history in their ability to sustain. Fishing practices have been passed on through generations and one of the oldest crafts is kayak building. Greenlanders have long been some of the best kayakers in the world, but should probably also be hailed for building some of the most beautiful boats in the world.


Cheers to maintaining beautiful transitions! Have a lovely weekend!

xo, liv

Totem SF

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It probably wouldn’t surprise you if I told you these were made by a transplanted Boise native in San Francisco. Totem‘s Nicole Powell dives deep into indigo dyes and the results are fantastic.


@ Totem SF

xo, liv


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via CoffeeStainedCashmere

My version anyways… Miss you all!


From The Source

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I first went to From The Source, in Brooklyn NY, when Jordy (you should all know that’s my ever on-point younger sister) told me there was a shop near her Brooklyn apartment I would die for. She didn’t specify that I would actually be going to an enormous warehouse filled with the most most amazing and beautiful selection of reclaimed and sustainable woods. So when I walked in, it’s safe to say I was completely bowled over! I’ve recommended From The Source for nearly every project I’ve worked on (including my grad school thesis) since that first visit. Here are just a few of my favorite examples of what they offer.


Mango Wood. You can buy live edge slabs or request custom orders from a table top to the whole table.


Teak Wood.


Meh Wood. Joined into a beautiful surface.

And… not to blow your mind with even more, but to convey the extent of what they have to offer (we ARE talking about a full warehouse here…), here is some of the furniture that they now offer!


Cache Media Table, in Teak


Perch Bar Stool – I actually have this on order. And LOVE it.


Kai Desk, in Sonokeling Wood.

4 Things

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photo (4)

My Heath Vegetable Bowl filled with this season’s pumpkin patch harvest.

 CupofJo hunter-boots

Hunter Boots, shown here on Cup of Jo

classy girls wear pearls

Fall Favorites from Sarah at  classygirlswearpearls.com


Homemade breads. My little sister makes the best! (book)

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