Work Spaces

(Via) South of Market had an awesome collage of work spaces.  They were my culminating study and remain a passion of my work, so I wanted to share! I hope you enjoyed as much as I did! xo, Liv

Blog Call

I’m embarrassed to say I more or less forgot about my ‘Blogs I Follow’ page. It is now updated with all the blogs I follow and love. If yours isn’t on there and you want me to take a look, let us know! xo, Liv

4 Things

  Here are some great images from blogs I read. Click on the image to go to the site I’m sourcing from. If you like the image, I guarantee you’ll like where it’s coming from!   xo, Liv  

Travel to Thailand

I love traveling to waterfront locations, but I am also aware of the awesome opportunities to get deeper into a country’s history in the mountains. Planning a dream vacation to Thailand with my friend Parima, I’m going with ocean-mountains-city-ocean. Parima is Thai-American, so I gave her my random ideas, and she hit me back with […]

3 Dresses that Make Me Feel Beautiful

Now I just have to buy them, wear them, and return them… Hakaan Ecru Peplum Sheath Dress  Roksanda Ilincic Contrasting Colour Blocked Crepe Dress Salvatore Ferragamo Apricot Silk Dress  


Here’s a stunning photograph taken by an old neighbor in New England of the waves during Blizzard Nemo.   Happy Monday. xo, Liv