Michael Blazy Foam Installation

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Foam cascades down scaffolding at a 13th century monastery in Paris. See more at VisualNews.com.


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I was talking to my older sister yesterday, who is a veterinarian and not always so inclined towards design opinions, but I had a twinge of pride when she told me my mom’s new bedding solution needs a little more contrast, so here are some images on contrast (not related to my mom’s bedding :)







Finding the right contrast, a note of black on white, or texture on soft, is sometimes the perfect way to set off a great piece. Next time you love something, but it’s not quite there, try picking up some contrast and see if it does wonders for your space/outfit!

xo, Liv

4 Things

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Very few ‘4 things’ posts make it up without an image from ‘From Scandinavia with Love’. Here’s another to motivate you northward!

Patagonia takes the niiiicest surf pics! People are always surprised that a lot of my surf photography links back to the Patagonia tumblr.

Heart Art. I love good graphics… Thanks Mikey.

Turn the old raquets in your Grandfather’s closet into cute mirrors for the wall!

Happy Birthday Marley!

September 21, 2012 § 2 Comments

Tot fashions are getting better and better. Splendid’s line of child clothing kills me – Marley looks how I want her to look forever, girly, sweet, and carefree! And why shouldn’t she be? Today’s her third birthday!! So a fashion post dedicated to my stylish mini, Happy Birthday Marley. You look fierce, girl!

Dress: Splendid. Shoes, Tom’s. Cardigan, Gap Kids.

The Birthday Prelude

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Some people ask me why my little sister is the best person on Earth. Others don’t bother asking. She turned 26 a week ago, and I still have her present in unassembled pieces on my bureau. Opps.

And tomorrow is MARLEY’S BIRTHDAY!! Marley is turning 3, and though she pushed Auntie Jordy in a stroller from a very young age, she has matured even more.  So, at the end of this weekend I will owe you a post on Marley’s amazing puffy paint party, and if I can talk a friend into it, maybe a post on great parties, generally (?)…

Living Geometrically

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I work with some amazing textiles designers, among all you other lovelies! Each time I pass the printer there’s another space-altering pattern sliding down the face of our printer table.  They inspire me to think of ways pattern shapes our space, in all applications.

(Via) Gorgeous patterned wallpaper makes this room pop vibrantly.

Tile floors make this sleek sophisticated palate pop! (Via)

And everything in between… For times we don’t want to make a full install, gorgeous fabrics to cover beautiful pieces. (Via)

If you like to be crazy neat and tidy like me – you’ll love a little classic geometry in your space!

Lazy Days

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Summer’s gone, but we’re in that in between time where we’re not quite “up and at ’em”. I love this time.

Johanna Grawunder at DZINE

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This whole pairing is love for me. Aside from DZINE having a gorgeous showroom to backdrop anything on, the lighting piece from Grawunder’s Fractals Collection is an inspiring colorway.  The supermodern lighting installation looks gorgeous with the antique Chinese bed!

‘XX’ Table with Glasitalia. Mirror behind is also a product by Glasitalia, and it’s still mirrored random bevel edges are a stunning show of craftsmanship.

From her Superluminal Collection.

Waves, Art

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If you ever visit my home, you’ll notice my art collection has very few pieces not related to surfing, or at least the ocean.  I die for this acrylic on canvas!

Myne, Pour La Victoire, & Vintage

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Dress by Myne. I picked it up at Showroom Mill Valley. Shoes by Pour La Victoire. I decided these were oh-so-necessary at some point last fall when I was having lunch with an old friend, Louis about 2 months after Thacher was born! Bracelet and ring vintage. Necklace by Madewell. It was crazy windy when we shot this, but I loved it anyways, have to do some more Myne soon – I’m dying for their fall collection!

It was clearly very windy when we shot this, so I owe you a still shot, but really you can find that on the Myne website. I love how effortlessly the dress flows – wind or no.

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