Four Post Beds

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Four Poster Beds at Charming Trinity – the airiness set by framing the space on a four poster bed is refreshing and energizing! What a great way to wake up!

Charming Trinity

four-poster bed interiors design ideas inspiration bedroom

four-poster bed interiors design ideas inspiration bedroom

four-poster bed interiors design ideas inspiration bedroom

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Classic New England

July 30, 2012 § 1 Comment

I went back to Boston area with my kids last weekend. And I want to share some images of what I thought are classic New England summer – nothing crazy, just good, old, Classic!


Sometimes I forget how big ‘New England’ is because I think of it as home, but really I moved to New England when I was 14 and have lived in Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Rhode Island since, but had never left New England until we moved to San Francisco this winter.  New England is an eclectic mix of traditional houses, little windy roads, rocks to the ocean, lighthouses, beadboard, wainscot, caning, and lots of family. Thanks for the great weekend!

xo, Liv

Sweets, Treats, and Everything Your Design Tooth Craves!

July 27, 2012 § 3 Comments

Now open in Maple Grove, MN – Nadia Cakes! It’s about time we get some Minnesota love back up here. This is some of the best design to hit Minnesota since, well, since designer Lisa Klinger hit Minnesota!

This project was done in a mind-blowingly adorable wallpaper from Flavor Paper for a few walls and the ceiling soffit below! Lisa has a great ability to abstract exactly what the client is looking for from any series of ideas!  And I imagine this is even more than the Jimenezes could have dreamed of!

All things super girly deserve crystal chandeleirs and carerra marble, right? I love the finishes. They are complete fantasy – as are these delightful confections baked up by Abby and Carlos Jimenez.

Tiles are from Daltile. These are 2″ hexagons, which I love!

I love this seating area. Lisa had my heart at ‘Etsy’.  Since meeting Lisa four years ago at the beginning of our Masters program at RISD (four years ago?!), she has always been the most resourceful designer I know.  She can put together something from the Design Center just as well as something from Ebay or Craigslist! Lisa chose fabrics from Kravet and Architex to recover these vintage finds.  The pillows are from Etsy retailer, Festive Home Decor.

Owner, Abby Jimenez behind her store, Nadia Cakes (named for her daughter) whose Grand Opening was just yesterday!

Cute seating – perfect French bakery style!

And in case you didn’t notice from all the fun and whimsy in the space, Lisa is a complete blast to work with, joke with, hang out with, etc. If you’re visiting Minneapolis, stop by Nadia Cakes for a delicious treat. If you live in Minnesota, call Lisa Klinger for your next design project! Congrats to Lisa on an EXCELLENT design!!

Interiores modernos: Oriental Warehouse Loft

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Interiores modernos: Oriental Warehouse Loft.



Rory Beca Interview Outfit!

July 25, 2012 § 1 Comment

Here’s the outfit I wore to my interview last week – and I got the job!

The shirt that makes the outfit, Rory Beca. Blazer, Rag & Bone. Both lines available at Showroom, 415.381.8801. Skirt, Larsen Gray by Nori Caliguri. Shoes, Michael Kors. Bag, MZ Wallace. Necklace, handmade in Kenya.


Nora Caliguri was on the first season of Project Runway a billion years ago and started Larsen Gray in 2008 as an eco-friendly line. She has since left the line, but you can find her at

MZ Wallace’s Bag, Jane, used to be the ‘Diaper Bag’ and came with a roll-up-able changing mat!! It’s been great to have a bag that I can use for my diaper bag, then drop the baby goods, and go to work! I’ll have to take a picture of the mat to show you – I love a mom-designed product for moms! She’s now carried all over the US at Nordstrom’s!

The necklace was a gift from my mom, but retailers such as A Gift to Africa are great places to find your own ethnic accessories to support African women and their families.

Summer Rugs

July 24, 2012 § 1 Comment

When shopping for the right rug, if you’re not a designer, figuring out where to start can be a little daunting. Only recently have major home brands started offering carpets, and there is such a wide variety and historical richness in styles, that it’s hard to know which one works for you.  Here are some great jump-off points:

If there was a goddess of textiles, she’d be Madeline Weinrib. I go to her first for carpets, pillows, and fabric. If she doesn’t have exactly what I’m looking for, I leave her site having some good ideas for where I want to go. Always an inspiration, and usually a complete drool-fest. I hope you love as much as I do!

Every striped dhurrie you can imagine is available at Dash & Albert. A quick word about wool vs. cotton – wool anywhere you’re having a party and cotton anywhere you’re hanging out barefoot is generally my rule of thumb. Cotton doesn’t hold up as well, but is naturally a little softer and very cozy feeling.  Wool holds up well over time, is easier to clean, and is heavy enough, that it wont need to be relaid every time a pair of heels walking back and forth on it for a night.

ABC Carpet & Home. This is where designers start when they want every selection on the face of the earth available – at good quality. This is from their new Cobble Hill Sisal collection. These people seriously know a lot about rugs.


A word on some of the different carpet styles here:


I’m a sucker for a great dhurrie – they’re the flatweave summery ones that you love at your beach cottage or thrown on top of a wood floor to soften things up. I put them in my kids room, my living room, and running down the hallways.


These carpets are on a backing, so they can be made in any shape and style your heart desires. Essentially the fabric is hooked through the backing, then cut so that the freyed ends are the soft pieces of fabric you walk on. These are great if you need a custom shape, or a complex design. They are especially cushy, but sometimes fall a little flat for me (just being honest) – I do however have an oriental style in my bedroom!


These are made of courser natural threads like Jute or, of course, Sisal. They are a little rough underfoot, but the texture more delightful than anything unappealing. They can be a larger style weave because the material is so resilient, or relatively small weave.

Always be sure to check that your rug is responsibly produced. Because of the detailed nature of the weaving, be especially careful to avoid child labor when shopping for your next carpet. There is no umbrella governing body, so just ask or contact Good Weave if you’re more comfortable getting professional advice!

4 Things

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Happy Monday!

Yellow and grey color scheme from Belle Maison.  I love the pop of yellow, and the grey to keep it grounded. And don’t we all die for a great barn door?

I love the headline on this awesome shot of Mos Def in NYC, ‘Mos-definitely killing it!’ And yes, he is! Love a good pic of great man style. To all my fellas… weeerk it!

Beautiful cornflower blue kitchen with herringbone floors. From Coco Cozy. Recognize this room from last Thursday’s Wood Flooring Love Post?

I love Gilt. This Quatrefoil Mirror is $149!!

Boutique Tour

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So… I’ve mentioned them in my fashion posts, but I’d like to take you all for a spin around SHOWROOM! In addition to great fashion, the girls at Showroom show their design prowess with the self-designed boutique. Walk with me…

My first year at RISD, the computer teacher told us to use Gill Sans for everything. It is a clean and simple font, and the signage on Showroom really does call attention to the clean modern look you’ll find inside. That said, there is a whole world of graphic artists making amazing fonts which should be used!

Check out cute neons by Monrow to keep summery and fun! The antique counter in the background mixes really well with the clean modern display table in the foreground, and in the first picture above. The pendant lighting in the shop is from Moooi, and they have a great vintage light on the counter as well!

What is design without a great piece of artwork? This is gorgeous – and the colors pop with the designers they carry. I think Rory Beca would die for this in her studio!

Adorable ceramics by Mud Australia displayed on a galvanized steel table top.  These dainty and sweet ceramics carried in-store are a couple of the lifestyle products the girls have picked to compliment the clothes.  I also LOVE the towels by Michelle Keeler… (who is being picked up by Anthropology!)

They also have blissfully overflowing tables of accessories from loves like Rebecca Minkoff and others!

And do a twirl in some gorgeous shoes. Coclico to Cynthia Vincent, you’ll find your style. This display stand looks like a wedding cake full of shoes – and isn’t that what we all kind of want for dessert anyways? The peacock feather bouquet at the top is festive and lasts longer than flowers! Notice cute details all around the store, like that little mirror on the wall. Fun & eclectic.

What a great way to give your number on the way out (or in)! I should have taken an open shot. The inside’s a cute shade of eggplant.  I had this EXACT dresser/desk in my room when I was little. Which means I know how much effort they put into making this look great. Love the gold banana handles!

Great design ladies! And Happy Friday everyone!

xo, Liv

Wood Flooring Love: Dark to Light

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I’m going to tell you all – I think everyone should do everything in gorgeous bleached wood finishes. That said, I understand need for a more moderate opinion – like painted floors, stained floors, inlaid, etc. My mom is trying to figure out what style and color finish she wants for her floors, so I sent her these inspirational images. Votes?

Fashion Wednesday: Casual Cool

July 18, 2012 § 1 Comment

So, this is what I actually wear when I’m hanging out with the kids…

Shirt, Madewell Hi Line (Shirt Similar.). Shorts, Volcom. Necklace Mary Hughes. Hat, Treasure Island Flea Market. Shoes, Tom’s. Babies, Mine.

Not super glamorous, but some outfits are meant to take a beating.  I love stopping by the surf shop to grab some easy-to-where stuff by brands like Volcom, Roxy, Billabong, Hurley, etc. Our local shop is Proof Lab and everyone’s really nice, plus you can poke your head in the back to check out the skate ramps, where I hope my kids will hang while I shop in the not too distant future!

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