Big Dig House

I’m in Boston this week and Newport, Rhode Island the beginning of next, so I’d love to give everyone a taste for design culture back east – and no, it’s not just turtlenecks and shingle-style! For those who aren’t familiar with the big dig, it marked the 90’s and early 2000’s of Boston with cranes […]

Happy Father’s Day – Elements of the Man Cave

In honor of Zander, I’ve decided to post on what I would love to actually give him for Father’s Day, a Man Cave!! Here are elements every man deserves and needs in his man cave. And if you don’t think the father near you deserves one, leave him alone with the kids for a month… […]

Rox by Mindy Jill Fox

Mindy Jill Fox’s collection, Rox, is new in Mill Valley, CA, where the designer lives,and we’re sure it wont be long until it’s everywhere else to! These jaw-dropping pieces, which have a variety of stones, rocks, and gems also incorporate vintage chains to pair with whatever classic or modern look you’re hoping to (and will) […]

Yerba Buena Gardens

Take a picnic at the Yerba Buena. Zander and I went with our kids and relaxed with some cheese and crackers while Marley ran in circles through the tunnel behind the waterfall, around the pond in front, then back through the tunnel for more! .

Olivia Palermo Style

This is it for me. If I could wear sneakers and still feel chic everyday, I would. I can’t place these sneakers, but Creative Recreation does a good job keeping sneakers adult. Talk nautical to me… Every girl needs a dress. Obviously, she pulls of girly even better than street, if thats possible. This shot […]

Alabama Hills

Joe Freeman’s Alabama Hills is so beautiful it hurts. He is a young, up-and-coming artist in Seattle. This is probably my favorite, but he does incredible work with time-lapse photography and its exploration.  Some people are just meant to make beautiful art, and Joe is one of them. (And don’t haggle with me for calling art beautiful. […]

Fabulous Room Friday

Fabulous Room Friday 06.08.12. Grace’s toddler hang-out in Houston, Texas.  Everything’s bigger in Texas. I’d totally do that in San Francisco if it would fit in a closet… How fun!

Spotlight on Havana: Kadir Lopez Nieves

These works are a beautiful, incredibly detailed and carefully thought-out pieces by Havana-based artist, Kadir Lopez Nieves. Often times, the most particular techniques draw our attention and catch our eye.  The ceramic-baked layers of paint glazed over these reclaimed signs is an original and integrated look at a time period through signage and landscape, a […]

6 Columbus, Thompson Penthouse

I love a good penthouse… But, really who doesn’t. The glamour of saying ‘penthouse’, makes the approach exciting, plus you know the hotel dumped a ton of design resources into it, so it should look great.  The Thompson Penthouse at 6 Columbus absolutely does! I love an open loft – it’s so romantic and exciting, very […]

Art for Arts Sake – Specific Gravity of Culture

Ben Wright, MFA Glass 2009 at Rhode Island School of Design once made a piece so spectacularly interesting, I proposed a time-themed exhibition, Change, for one of RISD’s gallery. I’d love to share some pieces with all of you, but I’ll have to start with Ben’s initial and inspirational piece. This piece was developed during […]