Coyote Pack in a Snowstorm

I am from Gloucester, Massachusetts. Like any local, I know the ins and outs of this town probably better than I want to.  The coyote packs on Eastern Point have been a big to-do for a number of years now.  They came out to worship the waves last week, captured on Good Morning Gloucester. Hope […]

7 on Locust

I can be a little on the lazy side… If there’s one place to go and get everything I need, I will gladly do that. So, I was thrilled to find that 7 on Locust has set up shop in my local Mill Valley! And for any of you who suffer the same malady, don’t […]

Art & Prints

      Something about solitude among a larger whole makes us feel introspective.  Solitude in and of itself is not reflective, but in the face of something larger, greater, and complete, solitude can be like nirvana.

4 Things

        Shoe Cart via Flor’s Blog Reclaimed Door Headboard via Glamourai     via Make, Do, Spend   Beautiful storage via La Dolce Vita


  via CoffeeStainedCashmere My version anyways… Miss you all! liv

4 Things

My Heath Vegetable Bowl filled with this season’s pumpkin patch harvest.   Hunter Boots, shown here on Cup of Jo Fall Favorites from Sarah at Homemade breads. My little sister makes the best! (book)

Fern NYC

I came across Fern while looking for a credenza. I am enamoured with their weathered feel and detailed hardware! Love some yourself! Spring Credenza     Beam Desk Lamp   xo, Liv

Anne Lindberg

I saw a drawing by Anne Lindberg when I was on tour a tech Executive Center.  And, wow! Here’s some of her work to get you motivated to go see some good art this weekend!   xo, Liv

4 Things

  Here are some great images from blogs I read. Click on the image to go to the site I’m sourcing from. If you like the image, I guarantee you’ll like where it’s coming from!   xo, Liv  


Here’s a stunning photograph taken by an old neighbor in New England of the waves during Blizzard Nemo.   Happy Monday. xo, Liv