Happy Easter!!

Vinegar + Water + Color Dye = Cute Easter decoration & some happy kiddos! (Dish: Alessi Babyboop Two-Section Hors D’oeuvre Dish).   xo, Liv

Art & Prints

      Something about solitude among a larger whole makes us feel introspective.  Solitude in and of itself is not reflective, but in the face of something larger, greater, and complete, solitude can be like nirvana.

4 Things

        Shoe Cart via Flor’s Blog Reclaimed Door Headboard via Glamourai     via Make, Do, Spend   Beautiful storage via La Dolce Vita

What Greenland Does Well

I’ve been curious about Greenland for a while. From the first time we all learned about Greenland’s naming to a few years ago when my friend married a native Greenlander. It’s a mystery because I have no purpose to take me there and getting there would be an enormous effort.  I design and create, so […]

Totem SF

It probably wouldn’t surprise you if I told you these were made by a transplanted Boise native in San Francisco. Totem‘s Nicole Powell dives deep into indigo dyes and the results are fantastic. @ Totem SF xo, liv


  via CoffeeStainedCashmere My version anyways… Miss you all! liv


DVF Zarita dress was picked out for me by my sister, Carrie (thank god for fashionable sisters!).  She owns it in coral, and I wore it to her wedding in Navy The lace detail around the neck is so elegant, and the snug fit is flattering on anyone! Me with my sisters! Carrie is the […]

From The Source

I first went to From The Source, in Brooklyn NY, when Jordy (you should all know that’s my ever on-point younger sister) told me there was a shop near her Brooklyn apartment I would die for. She didn’t specify that I would actually be going to an enormous warehouse filled with the most most amazing […]

4 Things

My Heath Vegetable Bowl filled with this season’s pumpkin patch harvest.   Hunter Boots, shown here on Cup of Jo Fall Favorites from Sarah at  classygirlswearpearls.com Homemade breads. My little sister makes the best! (book)

Imogene + Willie

This one-of-a-kind shop in Nashville, TN has an amazing backstory to it, and textiles fashioned into cozy casual wear you’ll want to snuggle up in all this fall…   I+W Feather Necklace $280. Each cast from a unique branch piece   Hencye Utility Pant, $278 Mae Nightshirt, $168