Travel to Thailand

I love traveling to waterfront locations, but I am also aware of the awesome opportunities to get deeper into a country’s history in the mountains. Planning a dream vacation to Thailand with my friend Parima, I’m going with ocean-mountains-city-ocean. Parima is Thai-American, so I gave her my random ideas, and she hit me back with what’s really cool. Here is what we came up with together.

I want to see Phuket maybe for a few days to get into the vacation spirit and acclimate with the kiddos. It’s a relatively easy to get to island in Thailand. Parima recommends Six Senses Resort. You can get a massage under the stars or take a tour by boat during the day!



Next, off to the mountains! Chiang Mai is also great, ‘up in the north with all them mountains and amazing temples’. (Parima). The recommended resort there is The Chedi. There are amazing temples to see and I know we would love going for hikes in the mountains.



Lastly, I thought I could skip the city, but Bangkok is not to be missed. Aside from ‘One Night in Bangkok’ from the musical about Chess, I knew nothing of the city. Eat a lot to make up for all the adventuring you’ve been doing by the beach and in the mountains at Cafe Chilli, Yaowarat Street, and Baan Nam Kiang Din. Go out in the city at Sofitel So rooftop or Amorosa, where you’ll have a view of Wat Arun (one of Bangkok’s oldest temples) across the river. And of course, shop shop shop at JJ Market, the largest market in the world.



If it was me, and it is, I’d probably do a final day at the spa before packing up and heading back to home sweet home!

Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Travels!

xo, Liv

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  1. So beautiful, it’s like a dream world.

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