Rapha Parklet in San Francisco Marina!

Recently hitting Architizer, the San Francisco Chronical, Atlantic Cities, and Huffington Post is the sensational Rapha Parklet installed in the Marina district of San Francisco designed by Rebar, and my friend, Justin Ackerman.

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Rapha Cycle Club is a bike and coffee shop that commisioned the work for customers and the public to enjoy.  Parklets have been incredibly popular in San Francisco, further utilizing outdoor space and the awesome weather we enjoy here! This parklet was the first in the Marina, and if we can inject a little hip into a traditionally preppy neighborhood, maybe it will be permanent! The city is considering deconstruction of the space due to neighbor complaints that it doesn’t fit the Marina aesthetic.

Ackerman’s work on the parklet oversaw the deconstruction of a Ciroen H-Van, and development of an outdoor space in its body. His work reinvents how we install art in design. It is more than a designed landscape, incorporating sculpture and street art into the space.

San Francisco is a place art-lovers have flocked for decades. I love the city’s bold moves to bring art to a new level of public engagement. And, yey Justin!


xo, Liv

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  1. swagusti says:

    Often the most controversial art becomes the most admired. The Vietnam Memorial is a great example. Great job Justin!

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