Pullover Sweaters

I went through my sweater chest this weekend and realized that out of about 15/20 sweaters, only 3 are not cardigans! And those are the three that I wear all the time. So, I’ve found some lovely closed sweaters on Polyvore that I thought I’d share with you all.

This one, by Allsaints Spitalfields is probably my favorite. Neutral goes with everything, the center hem does wonders for flattering any figure, and $225 for a beautifully designed 100% cashmere sweater is a good deal!


This one is hip and goes with a lot. Artsy enough to set you apart, but not so overdesigned to make you look lost in a 20-year-old hipster identity crisis. (ha…) By Karl.


This sweater by House of Dagmar has some color to make you pop when you’re lovin the sun regardless of snow/wind/cold. Perfect for a sunny vacation day in Colorado or Fridays in the city!


To start and end on basically the same sweater might seem like I’m telling you what to wear. And I am. If your wallet’s not feeling the 100% cashmere from Allsaints Spitalfields, this sweater by French Connection is $138 with the same basic flattering look.

Hopefully everyone wants to jump into one of these cozy treats because it’s time for Thanksgiving Vacation!! Wahoo!



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