3D Photobooth Exhibition

I came across this post on glossyinc.com.  I LOVE this. Not only is this artistically genius, it took an impressive amount of technical know-how. I’ve been coveting a 3D printer since my first year at RISD when I found out they exist and are not some sci-fi 90’s fiction. And who doesn’t want to replicate themselves in miniature?


This exhibition will be at Eye of Gyre in Harajuku, Japan November 24-January 14.

“Japanese company Omote 3D have designed a system that reproduces personal detailed miniature action figures, ranging from 10 to 20 centimetres in height. To create your mini me, users must remain still for 15 minutes, while a three-dimensional camera and printer to process and scan you and capture your data. From what I can tell, the site is in Japanese, the price ranges from 16,000 yen to 84,000 Yen – or roughly 200-1050 USD.” –Glossyinc

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