Laugh Cry Repeat + Tuline

We all deserve a good romp in the sun sometimes and with cool weather approaching, run outside and play next time a heat wave comes your way! Dress by Laugh, Cry, Repeat. Necklace c/o Tuline. Shoes by Belle by Sigerson Morrison. Happy Friday! xo, Liv

Hotel Topaz

    Reblogged from  This hotel is by BWM Architekten und Partner. It is in Vienna, Austria. My Architecture History professor, Henry Fernandez, taught us about Vienna, and everytime he would point out their incredible penchant for details. They’re designs thrive on growing the details of the piece into the statement. The windows here have […]

Fresh, Loved, Forgiven

What style makes us feel all of the above and any others? On tear sheets and in my design process I include everything, but there is always a separate pile, stack, thought process around uncluttered, white spaces. The lack of design lets us fully color the space with our own personality. In this spirit, grab […]

Wedge Sneakers

These are on everyone’s feet (in the city nearest you). I’m in a love-hate. I’m either the love at first sight or a little on the backside of a trend, so this one I might be towards the tail-end, BUT I was totally caught off-guard and impressed with a mom in Tiburon wearing these with […]