Men’s Fashion: Scotch & Soda – Justin

Justin knows your mom’s name. He’s running around the city doing a million different things, but has to get away at least once a month.  He’s in charge, but always makes sure to get his own hands on all his projects before they’re out the door. He’s a terrific friend, and an excellent co-escape artist.

I apparently feel like Justin should be given a lot of attention, since I picked so many items for him! Jacket, Nylon Windbreaker Jacket. Shirt, Long-sleeve Twill Check Shirt. Belt, Vintage Embossed Leather Belt. Pants, Jagger Slim-fit Dress Chino. Bag, Outdoor Rucksack. His city persona can trade in the windbreaker for a non-chalant blazer. @ Scotch & Soda.

1 Comment

  1. Justin Ackerman says:

    That Justin sure seems like a classy fella….

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