Men’s Fashion: Scotch & Soda – Justin

Justin knows your mom’s name. He’s running around the city doing a million different things, but has to get away at least once a month.  He’s in charge, but always makes sure to get his own hands on all his projects before they’re out the door. He’s a terrific friend, and an excellent co-escape artist. […]

Men’s Fashion: Scotch & Soda – Albert

Albert runs the city. He designs killer restaurants and is never mistaken for shy!       Shirt, Crew Tee with Suspender. Pants, Moore Slim-Fit Chino. Sketchbook. @ Scotch & Soda.

Men’s Fashion: Scotch & Soda – Zander

So… I think I’m going to choose a few guys I know and pick their Scotch & Soda outfits! Here’s Zander. He works in a boatyard, and steers away from anything to fashion-y… Sporty guy and a sweet dad.                     Sweater is the Naps Yarn Pullover. […]

Tekapo Bach

    I found this project by NOTT Architects on one of my favorite pages. This cottage is spectacular in material, location, etc, but what really sets it apart is its transformative qualities.  The walls on a corner of the home open to indicate the large outdoor deck, but can be closed too to protect the […]

A Little Sparkle in Your Step

    Odette Flat By Loeffler Randall.   Mary Jane Flats by Butter.   Glitter Ballet Flats by Ann Taylor.

Morgan Satterfield

Morgan Satterfield knows where it’s at, and I love his work! My mom has a huge collection of orientals and I’m always mixing them into my space, so I love that this designer has the same impulse to mix antique textile with modern furniture!       Happy Mixing!

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Sorry for being a bit absent lately! This beautiful house is built in the ultraexclusive enclave of Red Mountain in Aspen Colorado. (via) xx, Valentina

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I found something fun to start the weekend with people! These adorable little pencil shaving illustrations are the cutest things. Such a simple idea, but illustrator Marta Altes has made it into an artsy series of work. That little blue butterfly is my fave. Check out her site – so much more…


I find that men love pop culture just as much as women, they’re just less willing to admit it (sometimes). I love Manzine because it’s from an artistic point of view, but it covers a man’s world from fashion to gossip to, fine yes, a little bit of sport. Mostly it’s just a satirical laugh […]

4 Things

My weekly Pinterest picks are… The textile is amazing and the tassel is great. My friend came into work with a similar looking tassel made of horsehair though, and in terms of durability/style, she one-upped every tassel I’ve ever seen before! I love these copper lights. When I visited DZINE, they had a copper-detailed pendant […]