A Hundred Posts, and you’re still with me… wow for you! I feel like that kind of love deserves some reciprocation, so I thought I’d share a little bit (more) about me. These are my parents laughing at me at my wedding.  They’re incredible people and they’ve always told me I can do or be anything I want. At 28 years old, you’d think it doesn’t matter anymore, but it does. They’re where I come from and they’re who I hope to be like…


My son turned one yesterday and it makes me step back and think about where I am in life, which is happily admitted, not quite fully figured out.  I work for a wonderful company, I live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth (holler California), and I have an amazing family. Still, every week holds something new and different, and each nuance makes me feel on top of the world, or like I need to find the nearest hole to hide in! I have enough friends to know, that we’re mostly all in the same boat, so I hope today is one of your happiest and, if it’s not, reassure yourself that one of these days soon will be!

xo, Liv

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