Fashion’s Night Out!!

Tonight is Fashion’s Night Out which is really just another excuse for us to go shopping… BUT every store is expecting us, so there’s music, food, drinks, and who knows what else! I’m going out with some girlfriends tonight, so I pre-shopped some outfits we’re hoping to try on at Showroom in Mill Valley!

Here are some of my favorite spreads to get into:

I love seeing all the sweaters and loffers out for – Fall is coming! (or here, depending on where you live)

Rag & Bone’s Fall Denim is out – and the ombre are killing it, plus some great ikat print cords I’m headed back for!

Here are some awesome pairings Janet picked out for me:

Jacket by SWA. Dress by Myne. This look will be great for Courtney or Sarah cause they’re both so tall!

Shirt by Parker. Vest by ashley B. Fun that the vest is by ashley B, cause I want to see Ashley in this pair!

And I always like to round it of with SHOES!!

Black and grey shoes by Belle. Center shoe by Loeffler Randall.

Have fun wherever you are and if you’re in Mill Valley, I’ll probably be out & about (and definitely at Showroom… obvi), so come find me! I promise to share fun pics tomorrow!

Have a great night!

xo, Liv

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  1. paperportraiture says:

    Yaaay! another fashion blogger! Who isnt pretentious! lol. Very cool site, I followed =) thanks for liking my post. these pictures are very pretty! So where did this take place? Because we’re having a fashion’s night out here in spain too (or did it already pass! :/) and now imwondering if it was universal – or lol, world wide haha. But since only store is promoting it I thought it was just something that store was doing. (we have like three big name brands that are all owned by the same enterprise) Anyway, cool post and I’m glad you checked out my blog!

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