Design New England

Check out my parent’s lovely home in Design New England’s September/October issue. I grabbed images from where I had design input to share with all you lovelies, but you should check out the article to get the full scoop on what a collaborative design process it was!

My mom’s cousin, Jonathon Poore, was the architect and designed a whole new facade for the home! Kate Wiggin, our landscaper, made quite an impact on the entry sequence as well with her dreamy gardens!

In the facelift package was a new side entry, with mudroom.  I laid out the interior of the entry with my mom, doing a built-in bench and free-standing mirror with console table. Then organized my heart out in my mom’s flower arranging station (not shown). Soo much fun with Mom!

Late architect Alex Coogan drew up exactly what my mom asked for, giving us a few different options for the kitchen/eating space. We went through his options and worked with him to designour ultimate kitchen. The backsplash is field stone and the counter is honed granite (which Paul Gaucher of Icon design group recommended).

The porch was raised to a cathedral ceiling after Andy (of Andrew Stevens company) and I called my mom while framing the ceiling we realized was going to be cut off by an 8′ ceiling acording to plan!  You can’t see it, but I scribbled a little note to future generations while I was working up in the rafters – I hope they love it as much as we do!

After applying to Rhode Island School of Design’s Graduate Program in January, I joined Andrew Stevens Company and worked on site full-time for the next seven months.  That September, I moved to Rhode Island for my Master of Interior Architecture, and collaborated with clients of Andy Stevens for four more years and many more projects! It’s fun to have this article to commemorate the amazingly integrated design process we went through as a family! Thanks Judy!

xo, Liv


  1. cortney_joy says:

    Gorgeous! I love it. How fun to work on that project. Can you do our house next?

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