JCrew Lately

Recently, I’ve found myself somehow feeling like I need to be surrounded by J.Crew. And ‘recently’ is really more of a arbitrary term because I feel this way every fall. Something about growing up around New England (from age 14 on) makes me think I need to be clad in preppy chic as any eclecticism of summer fades away. So, Hunter boots out of the closet, and JCrew’s catalogue becomes my latest reading literature… My musts lately…

Macalister Wedge boot.

City Mini‘ Skirt

Neutral Stripe Hoodie.

I absolutely die for the JCrew look, which is why I lust so vigorously, BUT a lot of their stuff doesn’t fit me all that well and my friends laugh when I say it, but I feel ‘shoulder-y’ in a lot of it. So… take the inspiration and shop around. If there’s anything a good fashion article can tell you, it’s that you have an exceptional body and it’s not built like anyone else’s. So I hope you enjoy the looks and I’m jealous if they all fit you, but shop around and own what suits you. Have a fun preppy Fall shopping storm!

xo, Liv

1 Comment

  1. Jordy says:

    I own that skirt and almost own those boots. Get out of my closet! haha

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