Great ideas for making some little kitchens look fierce!

A Detailed House

A commenter or two said that their kitchens are small and that the dream kitchens didn’t do anything for them.

While it was not my intent for us to take these literally and for us all to go out and emulate the dream kitchens (they were meant to inspire in terms of style, accessories, architectural elements, colors, etc.), I did take note of their message.

So, I started searching for smaller kitchens that would still meet our level of style, but also limitations in terms of space. Needless to say, there were not as many. Some of the “dream” kitchens I had pulled from cabinet manufacturers websites, where they had large showrooms with mock kitchens that literally had everything and the kitchen sink!

House Beautiful had an article about small kitchens, but some of the kitchens that they considered “small”, really were not small! But I did find some that…

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