Andrew Spindler Antiques

Andrew Spindler isn’t just a purveyor of fine antiques, he has an incredible eye for the gritty, unique, beautiful, and bizarre that make us take a triple take.  Antiques are not just gorgeous items to surround yourself with, they are moments in history – inspirations, realizations, inventions.

These lamps by Martz are arguably my favorite pieces in the shop. Aside being the deep lavender taupe that I can’t get enough of, they are still in perfect condition, even with the original shades! Gordon and Jane Martz is an American legend of a design marriage that evolved into incredible quality and wonderful product.  The poster is French Art Nouveau, circa 1905, advertising an aperitif. The console is American circa 1920s industrial metal style with an inset glass top. On display at Andrew Spindler Antiques in Essex, Massachusetts.

This collection is among the wonderfully bizarre and gorgeous. Fossils, minerals, and rocks dealer, Adam August Krantz began making and dealing crystal models in the mid 19th century out of complete enthusiasm for geologic geometries. In 1880, he proposed a series of 743 models for teaching purposes made of Pear Wood. His nephew, Freidrich Krantz, with a degree in minerology elaborated on with the same enthusiastic compulsion, offering a collection of 928 models in wood. He diversified his offerings to glass, coloured glass, polished glass, with wire, cardboard and thread details to demonstrate the interior geometries. An amazing collection!

This grate comes from an old factory fan in upstate New York. Andrew’s idea to use it as an installation is stunning.

This sofa is called an ‘Os De Mouton’ which translates literally to ‘sheep’s horn.’  The piece is French, Louis XIV style, from the 18th century. It is insanely long at just over 7 feet! The scale makes this piece incredibly unique.  The amazingly sculptural tone of the carving and the rich patina make the walnut sing alongside the neatly upholstered body.

And I always like to grab a card on the way out of any great spot, so here’s sharing.  Have a wonderful weekend – I hope this inspires everyone to go antique hunting!

xo Liv


  1. Mark says:

    Wow, the crystal designs are amazing! I can’t believe there are so many variations, too.

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