DZINE Moments


This is one of my favorite images because it shows the reverence for design history that is dear to the hearts of the owners of DZINE in San Francisco, a high end furniture showroom that could serve as a museum of Design Greats.  These seats are by Castiglioni; the left is “Mezzadro Stool” and the right is “Sella Seat.”  They were designed in response to the inventions of the tractor and the telephone.  The saddle seat was for telephone calls at the workplace – purposely not cushy enough for workers to waste any time or company money!


This amazing credenza is by Established & Sons. It is wood and the design is applied using woodblock. The ‘Lighthouse Lamp’ is also from Established & Sons, and is hand-blown glass and industrially-shaped marble (either Belgian Black or Carrara). They’re always on the cutting edge of what’s new in design, as you can see next too…


This is ‘Crack’ by Flos. It comes ready to be plastered into the wall and is lit from within. An incredible architectural detail ready for you to install – I love this surprise in a hip entry!

And one of my favorite parts of DZINE? Owners, Eve Petrucci and Cardenio Petrucci, have a penchant for collecting the coolest objects, such as the antique cameras above to help you detail your space with a little personality! (Typewriters, old telephones, African wares are among the many.) All objects are price upon request at DZINE, 415-674-9430.


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