The $5000 Giveaway from Serena & Lily

  Ok, not my own giveaway, but how crazy amazing would it be to win $5000 towards your dream home?! Or dream nursery?! Good Luck! xo, Liv

Paper Worth Framing

      I should have said, ‘or to hang’, but because of the grain in paper, it collects dust very easily, so if you want it to last, frame, shadowbox, or press it to keep it in good form! I love beautifully made paper art and all of these come from my Pinterest board […]

Nice Find Seattle!

JCrew Lately

Recently, I’ve found myself somehow feeling like I need to be surrounded by J.Crew. And ‘recently’ is really more of a arbitrary term because I feel this way every fall. Something about growing up around New England (from age 14 on) makes me think I need to be clad in preppy chic as any eclecticism of […]

Originally posted on A Detailed House:
A commenter or two said that their kitchens are small and that the dream kitchens didn’t do anything for them. While it was not my intent for us to take these literally and for us all to go out and emulate the dream kitchens (they were meant to inspire in…

Crystal Shaped Objects

So after the awesome response to the Krantz crystal  models at Spindler Antiques, I wanted to investigate why I love crystal or geometrically inspired objects, or at least share a few more objects that satiate my slightly askew, but neatly proportionate way of organizing shapes in space. Jar No. 3 by Present & Correct Necklace […]

Andrew Spindler Antiques

Andrew Spindler isn’t just a purveyor of fine antiques, he has an incredible eye for the gritty, unique, beautiful, and bizarre that make us take a triple take.  Antiques are not just gorgeous items to surround yourself with, they are moments in history – inspirations, realizations, inventions. These lamps by Martz are arguably my favorite […]

Tetra Shed

My background is in office design, and a lot of bloggers, media, and designers have taken notice of the Tetra Shed – an all-in-one office space with a bomb design and easy layout! Now you don’t… I should start with now you see it, but I like this because it makes…. this such a shock!!! […]

Four Things

    A couple things for the start of your week if you didn’t have much time Monday… Happy Tuesday!   From Charming Trinity.   Lucite bench with upholstered cushion. Love that combo. From Dolce Vita.   Maybe I wouldn’t have gone for that fabric, but I love the super antique with some fresh fabric. […]

Accessorizing Men

What to wear if you’re not so much the heels type. I have a friend with a great collection of socks, and another friend who’s wife vowed to support his love of fine footwear at their wedding, and my father’s cufflink collection has probably soared over a hundred by now.  Men have few options to […]