Mike’s Chair… Mike’s Apartment!

Sweet chair, right? This is Mike’s chair. He found it online via Craigslist, and drove all the way to Oakland to pick it up, which is a big deal for Mike, who told me I was dead to him when I moved across the Golden Gate bridge and out of the city. It’s a very […]

4 Things

Hopefully some useful bits of info or pics you’ll enjoy for Monday! Clearly from Architectural Digest, though I found it on Charming Trinity! And then… I pinned it! I love using Pinterest to keep track of ideas I love, like these taxidermy blowfish! I gathered this pic while looking for my 10 Great Barstools post.  I used […]

Gorgeous Room!

This room hosts all sorts of things we love! Trunk as table – gorgeous, and if you can find one as chic and good looking as this, it will really bring the room together. I have an antique wicker storage container for my coffee table – it looks interesting & stores linens for the pull-out! […]


If you haven’t heard of it before, you will soon! Giving Pandora and Spotify a run for their money, Songza is a start-up out of NYC with the best playlists online.  You can search by mood, time of day, activity and more.  The minimal design on icons and wayfinding makes it easy to focus on […]

Moonrise Kingdom Style

Wes Anderson has the unbelievable ability to capture style, beyond visual and including all aspects of our life. The fashion from his latest film, Moonrise Kingdom is an awesome transportation between then and now. Here’s my take on Moonrise Kingdom Style! 1. Dress: ModCloth, Collar Me Adorable Dress. $108 2. Tights: American Apparel, Crescent Pattern […]

Portraits Made of Thread and Nails

GORGEOUS. Reminds me of the embroidery posts a little. Ghada Amer, etc. Love love!

WPA Era Pool Reopens in Brooklyn

The Works Progress Administration was founded by the Roosevelt Administration during the Great Depression to employ millions of Americans, building a number of public works projects.  Roads, lodges, theaters, parks, and pools were among the ambitious list of projects undertaken at the time. The craftsmanship on these projects is outstanding, encouraging us to think a […]

10 Great Barstools

Bars are a great use of space and a nice way to interact between kitchen and living space. So the first and most important furnishing once the bar/island is on the floorplan is the barstool! It’s a difficult piece to design as you need a perch for feet, now elevated from the floor, so the […]


I stopped in DZINE in March and loved their curation of offerings, not to mention the gorgeous showroom!  I saw Eve Petrucci last week, and I wasn’t thinking about my blog, but I can’t not show some beautiful images from inside the showroom! The Groove benches are local, and a table of the same style […]

A Cloud-Shaped House

Dont know if I should classify this as Space or Art, but worth sharing! A Cloud-Shaped House.