Rory Beca Interview Outfit!

Here’s the outfit I wore to my interview last week – and I got the job!

The shirt that makes the outfit, Rory Beca. Blazer, Rag & Bone. Both lines available at Showroom, 415.381.8801. Skirt, Larsen Gray by Nori Caliguri. Shoes, Michael Kors. Bag, MZ Wallace. Necklace, handmade in Kenya.


Nora Caliguri was on the first season of Project Runway a billion years ago and started Larsen Gray in 2008 as an eco-friendly line. She has since left the line, but you can find her at

MZ Wallace’s Bag, Jane, used to be the ‘Diaper Bag’ and came with a roll-up-able changing mat!! It’s been great to have a bag that I can use for my diaper bag, then drop the baby goods, and go to work! I’ll have to take a picture of the mat to show you – I love a mom-designed product for moms! She’s now carried all over the US at Nordstrom’s!

The necklace was a gift from my mom, but retailers such as A Gift to Africa are great places to find your own ethnic accessories to support African women and their families.

1 Comment

  1. cortney_joy says:

    Great outfit! Congrats on the job. I love the belt – or is it the waistband of the skirt? I want that bag!!!

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