Boutique Tour

So… I’ve mentioned them in my fashion posts, but I’d like to take you all for a spin around SHOWROOM! In addition to great fashion, the girls at Showroom show their design prowess with the self-designed boutique. Walk with me…

My first year at RISD, the computer teacher told us to use Gill Sans for everything. It is a clean and simple font, and the signage on Showroom really does call attention to the clean modern look you’ll find inside. That said, there is a whole world of graphic artists making amazing fonts which should be used!

Check out cute neons by Monrow to keep summery and fun! The antique counter in the background mixes really well with the clean modern display table in the foreground, and in the first picture above. The pendant lighting in the shop is from Moooi, and they have a great vintage light on the counter as well!

What is design without a great piece of artwork? This is gorgeous – and the colors pop with the designers they carry. I think Rory Beca would die for this in her studio!

Adorable ceramics by Mud Australia displayed on a galvanized steel table top.  These dainty and sweet ceramics carried in-store are a couple of the lifestyle products the girls have picked to compliment the clothes.  I also LOVE the towels by Michelle Keeler… (who is being picked up by Anthropology!)

They also have blissfully overflowing tables of accessories from loves like Rebecca Minkoff and others!

And do a twirl in some gorgeous shoes. Coclico to Cynthia Vincent, you’ll find your style. This display stand looks like a wedding cake full of shoes – and isn’t that what we all kind of want for dessert anyways? The peacock feather bouquet at the top is festive and lasts longer than flowers! Notice cute details all around the store, like that little mirror on the wall. Fun & eclectic.

What a great way to give your number on the way out (or in)! I should have taken an open shot. The inside’s a cute shade of eggplant.  I had this EXACT dresser/desk in my room when I was little. Which means I know how much effort they put into making this look great. Love the gold banana handles!

Great design ladies! And Happy Friday everyone!

xo, Liv

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