4 Things

Hopefully some useful bits of info or pics you’ll enjoy for Monday!

Clearly from Architectural Digest, though I found it on Charming Trinity! And then… I pinned it! I love using Pinterest to keep track of ideas I love, like these taxidermy blowfish!

I gathered this pic while looking for my 10 Great Barstools post.  I used more of a catalogue shot, but the Hudson barstool by Emeco really comes to life in this shot!

I love these jumpsuits, maybe more than I should admit? I can totally see myself wearing these 24/7 when I’m 70 (or for the rest of this cool spell in the Bay Area!) These are from a great blog called Mood House, which tracks a woman’s journey to build her dream home on a Finnish archipelago.

Last, but not least, Rise from Allsteel, the Rise collection is a series of ‘bleachers’ designed to be used in flexible office space. They can be easily rearranged, are finished in fabric tough enough for high heels to hang out, and have available trays that slip onto them to hold a plate or glass.  All of that information aside, I daydream about using them as a low wall to designate 2 different spaces in a kids’ playroom!


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