Gorgeous Room!

This room hosts all sorts of things we love!

Trunk as table – gorgeous, and if you can find one as chic and good looking as this, it will really bring the room together. I have an antique wicker storage container for my coffee table – it looks interesting & stores linens for the pull-out! Plus, the cultural interest brings the room together!

Kartell ghost arm chair.  We use ghost for everything. It first came back as a great way to be invisible, but now it’s really holding it’s own as a piece.  Commands a second glance and keeps a tight room light.

Tree trunk side table – always good to have natural elements, and how much easier than a tree trunk does it get? Other good options are – the cast concrete walls. Use rough plywood or knotty boards (as used above), and once the wall is up, the embedded texture will add miles.

Soft accents – the pillows and throw here look delicious! I could curl up in one of these and drift away – or maybe I should just curl up in that rug!! I can’t recommend it for anywhere you wont be washing your feet before walking across the rug, but if you will be, do it!

Modern take on taxidermy. If you’re a steadfast reader of my blog, you know I tend towards faux-taxidermy. This look playful and gets the idea across.

Tall light to keep the proportions even. You don’t want people to feel as though they’re floating above your home while at standing height, so make sure to being the decor up as well as down.  A tall lamp frames a room very nicely, drawing the scene up at the sides. Lighting is great for this, as we need most lighting high up – standing lamps, sconces, a dramatic pendant fixture!


  1. Love the trunk idea! Years ago, when I was heading off to college, my father gave me his army trunk, which he refurbished beautifully. I cherish the history attached to it and its vintage vibe, both of which make it priceless.

  2. cortney_joy says:

    I know that’s a Restoration Hardware trunk and I think the tripod lamp is too — lol. Avery was always lusting after those trunks. I love the faux taxidermy too — cardboard ones are cool too!

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