Alice Tachney Design

Alice has had her run with some impressively big name brands, but now on her own, Alice’s keen eye for detail and her craftman’s touch make these pieces don’t-miss-me showstoppers!

Tilde Dresser.

Hide Bed.

Tilde Credenza.

I’m a sucker for storage space, so I love love the Tilde Credenza and Dresser. Plus, I think Alice owes it to all of us to tell us where she got the gorgeous bedding on her equally stunning Hide Bed. Alice Tachney started her own line two and a half years ago after moving back to the Bay Area from Minneapolis. She has worked with Target and BluDot among others, and now has the freedom to develop pieces in the style and craftsmanship she wants.  She milled a lot of her own pieces through TechShop in San Francisco and now works with a shop a little more local to her San Rafael home. Politely soft-spoken with a Midwestern charm, Alice’s persona comes across in these sweet and sleek designs.

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