Rag & Bone + Sir Alistair Rai = Happy Friday!

I think that I include clothing in my posts (and I know I owe some to the male half of the world) because when I think of what surrounds me and affects the way I live, I can’t help but include the most immediate thing I live in – my wardrobe. Rag & Bone is a staple of that wardrobe probably because they are so comfortable and cute.

Scarf: Sir Alistair Rai. Shirt: Geneva. Pants: Rag & Bone. Shoes: Tory Burch. Bracelet: Trina Turk.

When I picked up my whole life and moved to not San Francisco in February, I was terrified that the 15 minute difference and the Golden Gate Bridge would relegate me to a life 2 years behind the trends, but not at all so.  The Mill Valley crowd is oh-so-cute, and I find the perfect wardrobe refreshers at The Showroom, where I picked up the Rag & Bone denim and the Sir Alistair Rai scarf. Worth a visit, and I owe you all a full post to show it!


  1. Jordy says:

    die for that scarf! love. love. love.

  2. rozenswag says:

    Love the pants!

  3. cortney_joy says:

    Love the outfit, love the scarf!

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