4 Things

Four more things that have accrued on my desktop. No theme, but I hope you enjoy… Most of these are from other blogs I really enjoy, so follow the links and you’ll probably find some new reading material you enjoy too…

These kids must be completely adorable. My kids share a room. They’re only one and three, but I’m wondering how long it will last… This is from www.conspicuousstyle.com.

This almost went in ‘Peachy to Beachy’, but just didn’t make it. Super fun and whimsical from Anthropologie.

Can’t we all find some occasion for this?! from delight.tumblr.com.

Artwork posted by SeattleInspired.  This blog posts about two new posts a day! There’s a little something for everyone, and I love her passion for Art & Architecture.

Have a great Monday!

1 Comment

  1. Sorry for commenting so late! and thanks for the kind words about my blog…so nice to read it! (I’ll be so busy in the next month that the 2 posts a day will become 2 posts a week!! but thank you!)
    A collaboration would be super awesome! here’s my email seattleinspired5@gmail.com …whenever you like! xx

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