Nautical Accessories to Take Your Home from Peachy to Beachy!

This is the best title I’ve ever come up with and a cute post too! Take it from the top:

1. Sea Blanket by Vic Prjonsdottir. So cute, love their blankets and towels!

2. Thomas Paul Bedding (Via). And Pillows! He’s a go-to for anything ‘nautical preppy.’ Basically my first stop when I think nautical decor – check here for your whole home.

3. Clair-Ann O’Brien Giant Knit Stool. These are a fun find!

4. Antique Boat Parts.  Pick these up at your local flea market or antiques shop.  A common misperception is that antiques are expensive – sometimes true, but generally quite the contrary.  A lot of older goods don’t fit with a whole or need repairs and are great buys, especially if they’re just for use as artifacts! If you can’t find a good shop near you, come up to Essex, MA and antique for the day!

5. Iron Whale Bottle Opener. We got ours for our wedding at Velocity Art & Design, but since they’ve sadly closed their doors, check ebay or here.

6. Dont Give Up The Ship print by Reform School.  The last words of Cpt. James Lawrence feel a little more irreverent when I think of Sophmore Summer floats. But whether you’re on a yacht or an in flatable intertube… dont give up the ship!!

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  1. havanahyde says:

    aha… i knew i found ‘dont give up the ship’ via blog.. here’s the site:
    sorry i missed the link, but if i ever post something and miss or mess up the source, i will always go back and tell you (like this). happy reading! xo liv

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