Big Dig House

I’m in Boston this week and Newport, Rhode Island the beginning of next, so I’d love to give everyone a taste for design culture back east – and no, it’s not just turtlenecks and shingle-style! For those who aren’t familiar with the big dig, it marked the 90’s and early 2000’s of Boston with cranes and bobcats galore.  The 15year/20year/ongoing project moved a great deal of Boston’s large-scale transportation infrastructure below-ground. So now almost every highway that used to go through Boston, goes under it. It cost upwards of $22 billion dollars, and is the most expensive highway project in the history of the United States.

But not all a loss, this home was built by Paul Pedini, a contractor on the Big Dig, who decided to take some structural members that were tagged for demolition and turn them into his home! The structural members are qualified to hold a massive interstate, so spanning an enormous living room is hardly a problem.  These sprawling spaces are the result in a normally tighter building style back east!

This video shows a quick interview with the owner at the site of his second such project house. Neat to see where it all came from! Pictures and design by SsD.

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