Rox by Mindy Jill Fox

Mindy Jill Fox’s collection, Rox, is new in Mill Valley, CA, where the designer lives,and we’re sure it wont be long until it’s everywhere else to! These jaw-dropping pieces, which have a variety of stones, rocks, and gems also incorporate vintage chains to pair with whatever classic or modern look you’re hoping to (and will)  pull off! All items are one of a kind and available at 415.261.4156.

Boom! Want to say it all with a pendant? Here you go. Mindy Jill Fox is a local jewelry designer with years in the fashion industry – and it shows… The kyanite is a gorgeous piece of rock, but the gold crusting and vintage chain make it a show-stopper, and a versatile one at that. Piece: “Fan” Pendant on vintage 70’s brass chain. $369

This stunner is made with Citrine stones.  The length is perfect. The first set of stones are right around the clavical, and the drop hangs right above cleavage. Again, the palette goes really nicely with a versatile wardrobe. Piece: Triple Matte Finish on vintage brass chain. $379

Love this image because you can see where I like to shop in the background… This piece is the more delicate side of Rox, and totally cute to add a little sparkle to your afternoon out. Dainty and cute! Piece: Triple Quartz Druzy on Dainy ‘Ball’ Chain. $325


Contact: Mindy Fox, 415.261.4156,


  1. Jordy says:

    first necklace is bomb! love the gold around the bottom edge!

  2. Cheryl Markowitz says:


  1. […] necklace ROX BY MINDY JILL FOX (We love this line and especially this large piece of labradorite.  Labradorite has AWESOME […]

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