Riding in Style

When my husband proposed to me three years ago, I pictured Olivia Hyde, that sounds great! I bought myself Aviator sunglasses and started searching for all kinds of riding-style boots.  I grew up riding until about 12 years old at which point, you call a spade a spade and pursue something you’re actually good at – or the saxaphone in my case, which I subsequently gave up in 4 months. Bad track record I know….

My older sister went on to be the 3 day eventing champion of Virginia (big time in the horse world), and I pursued skiing which worked out great for me. My mom and sister ride regularly still;and, after a very pleasant, but entirely uncomfortable effort at entertaining my mom’s pastimes in my new locale, I think I might stick to the equestrian-inspired joys of life…

If only one of these pictures had me at the peak of my bounce, mid-trot on horseback… I looked like a defective jack-in-the-box, popping up and down trying to clench my but muscles against the bounce of the saddle. Wow, not doing that again until the next time I try to impress my mom…

A word about the fashion: These Frye boots are adorable and flexible. I flipped them up so I wouldn’t get rubbed against my knees while riding. They are incredibly soft leather and can also fold down like a cuff at the top of the bow on the baack of the boot.  The jeans are Rag & Bone’s wax line. I love this line. People ask me if they’re leather all the time, but they’re not, just a great looking pant!

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