Rag & Bone + Sir Alistair Rai = Happy Friday!

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I think that I include clothing in my posts (and I know I owe some to the male half of the world) because when I think of what surrounds me and affects the way I live, I can’t help but include the most immediate thing I live in – my wardrobe. Rag & Bone is a staple of that wardrobe probably because they are so comfortable and cute.

Scarf: Sir Alistair Rai. Shirt: Geneva. Pants: Rag & Bone. Shoes: Tory Burch. Bracelet: Trina Turk.

When I picked up my whole life and moved to not San Francisco in February, I was terrified that the 15 minute difference and the Golden Gate Bridge would relegate me to a life 2 years behind the trends, but not at all so.  The Mill Valley crowd is oh-so-cute, and I find the perfect wardrobe refreshers at The Showroom, where I picked up the Rag & Bone denim and the Sir Alistair Rai scarf. Worth a visit, and I owe you all a full post to show it!

A day in a life at Studio O+A

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Morphosis – Federal Building, San Francisco

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What is that? It’s an outer skin of passive/active technology to keep this building from needing any mechanical cooling systems above the fifth floor! There is a ‘Building Automated System’ that opens and closes the windows automatically to allow natural ventilation. There is also a complex network of solar screening to allow or disrupt the flow of natural sunlight into the building so the building does not overheat due to solar gain.

The client (government) fully embraced Morphosis’ proposals inside and out. The building is oriented around the solar and wind technologies on the outside, and on the inside… it’s oriented around allowing those same principles to be shared equally by members of the working floor.  The private offices are pulled to the inside of the building, and an open floor plan around the perimeter of the building allows daylight to penetrate and air to circulate!

It’s always hard to get our heads around any dramatically different building. I’m not sure I’m in love with the exterior design, but the inside has some lovely moments, and I’m a sucker for SMART design, which this certainly is!

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Reminds me of the loft renovation by Lakonis Architekten.


For quite a while now…and here it is!

This small restaurant, now on top of the Rinascente building in Milan, is created as a piece of architecture that can be moved ‘easily’ from place to place: every six month the location changes and it’s always an enchanting place (urban or natural, it doesn’t matter).

The Cube / Park Associati (via)


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Easy Beach Attire

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The first part of easy beach attire is the part that isn’t there- don’t wear your shoes! And the rest should be equally easy breezy! 

Shirt: Vince. Shorts: Vineyard Vines. Belt: Reclaimed leather with antique buckle from Zane in Portland, Maine.

Vince makes a super cute shorty racerback tank, that wont reach a low-rise waist, but tucks in nicely to a higher or traditional waist, which is what Vineyard Vines has to offer! I openly admit, I don’t always look quite right in Vineyard Vines, but if you rock a preppy bod (read without the Cuban), their stuff will be perfect for you!

4 Things

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Four more things that have accrued on my desktop. No theme, but I hope you enjoy… Most of these are from other blogs I really enjoy, so follow the links and you’ll probably find some new reading material you enjoy too…

These kids must be completely adorable. My kids share a room. They’re only one and three, but I’m wondering how long it will last… This is from www.conspicuousstyle.com.

This almost went in ‘Peachy to Beachy’, but just didn’t make it. Super fun and whimsical from Anthropologie.

Can’t we all find some occasion for this?! from delight.tumblr.com.

Artwork posted by SeattleInspired.  This blog posts about two new posts a day! There’s a little something for everyone, and I love her passion for Art & Architecture.

Have a great Monday!

Nautical Accessories to Take Your Home from Peachy to Beachy!

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This is the best title I’ve ever come up with and a cute post too! Take it from the top:

1. Sea Blanket by Vic Prjonsdottir. So cute, love their blankets and towels!

2. Thomas Paul Bedding (Via). And Pillows! He’s a go-to for anything ‘nautical preppy.’ Basically my first stop when I think nautical decor – check here for your whole home.

3. Clair-Ann O’Brien Giant Knit Stool. These are a fun find!

4. Antique Boat Parts.  Pick these up at your local flea market or antiques shop.  A common misperception is that antiques are expensive – sometimes true, but generally quite the contrary.  A lot of older goods don’t fit with a whole or need repairs and are great buys, especially if they’re just for use as artifacts! If you can’t find a good shop near you, come up to Essex, MA and antique for the day!

5. Iron Whale Bottle Opener. We got ours for our wedding at Velocity Art & Design, but since they’ve sadly closed their doors, check ebay or here.

6. Dont Give Up The Ship print by Reform School.  The last words of Cpt. James Lawrence feel a little more irreverent when I think of Sophmore Summer floats. But whether you’re on a yacht or an in flatable intertube… dont give up the ship!!

Do it in a Day

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When my mom asked me how she was ever going to organize ‘the shed’, I told her to do it in a day (with my help of course)! I’m sorry I didn’t remember to take a before picture, but imagine your mom or grandmother’s shed/attick/basement piled floor to ceiling with sporting equipment and parts – that’s what the storage shed looked like at my mom’s house until yesterday! We woke up, made a drawing on an old piece of cardboard, then started filling in the dimensions..

A couple of guys with tools and us took one day (and admittedly a lot of trips to the dumpster) to fully reorganize all the sporting goods and beach accouterments. This is the view from outside!

And the lovely interior…

with plenty of space to spare!

The drawing that started it all…

Tomorrow is Nautical Friday!! Check back for a real peek at New England life! xo Liv

On the Water in Gloucester

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Z took me and Marley sailing around the Gloucester Harbor with Hammond Castle in the background.  We thought we’d leave Thacher at home for his nap, but apparently Marley had the same idea! Jacket by Barbour is perfect for a blustery day on Cape Ann. Children’s Life Jacket is Mustang Lil’ Legends – always best to stay safe!

Zander and Willy went wakeboarding on the Essex river to end the perfect Monday evening. Britt took this shot using Instagram, which I also just downloaded – love how these turn out!

3 Gorgeous Interventions

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This is what Frank Ghery wishes he could do.  This deconstructed-reconstructed loft renovation by Lakonis Architects is just enough metal, angle, and wierd, but seems to all work out to a fully palette-enticing intervention.  Always love the juxtuposition of ultramodern on chic historic!

My dad is probably a little horrified at this modern monster proposed for the middle of Tribeca’s historic neighborhood, but love of charming historic districts aside, this apartment complex designed by UNStudio would certainly add a little NYC-grown interest to go with it’s more traditional neighbors. Fun, modern, and unique – we’d love to see this one built.

And what’s a trip home to Boston without going to Jail? This was a jailhouse before Cambridge Seven‘s masterful interior renovation turned it into the Liberty Hotel, with one of the best restaurants in town, and a see-or-be-seen bar.

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