4 Things

These four items have been sitting on my desktop, too cute to put in a folder and file away for another time, but not yet belonging to any cohesive category. Look & love the following…

I really consider this an art post, because other than the shoes (which, yes I LOVE), most of the outfit is indeciferable.  I don’t know if this is mixed media or photography, but the image completely enhances her spirit!

This image is reposted from La Dolce Vita. It’s an old print of Marilyn Monroe. Her hairdo is often so perfectly coiffed, this shot catches the reason America, and the rest of the world fell in love with her.

Image reposted from Design Sponge. A great DIY project for even the least handy – spray paint and a mason jar.  Plus great design moment. Red and gold are luxurious and go great together. Add a little something plain-jane-y and sweet to keep it from looking like an Asian ballroom.

Have a moment? Look through Swedish Real Estate websites. You’ll DIE for almost every gorgeous home in the higher end price ranges. This is a $1 million penthouse in Stockholm – ok ok I’ll take it… In my dreams! But it absolutely highlights again how well a light finish wood and white paint brighten up a room.

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