Memorial Day Weekend in Sausalito

In anticipation of a weekend with the Grandparents, we took the kids to Sausalito to scout some yummy spots and pick up some flowers to spruce up the house for their big arrival!

Stop #1. Nancy Ann Flowers. They are somehow the best, freshest, cutest, and most inexpensive flowers in Marin County. We walked out of here with enough for medium bouquets for under $20! Thanks to Kerry for telling us where to go!

Stop #2. Cibo for a yummy snack. The shortbread cookies were to die for – even Thacher wanted some!! The back room used to be a seperate shop, but they recently bought it and it’s a fantastic spot for birthdays and other functions – like Lainie getting cookies with us! The first time we came here, I was interning in San Francisco during grad school and Marley was 9 months.  Zander loved the Prosciutto Panini so much, it was our first brunch spot when we finally moved a year and a half later!

Stops #3-7. Our favorite toddler haunts are the Discovery Museum and Southview Playground, which is Marley’s favorite playground, with a view of San Francisco from the Sausalito hills. Favorite adult haunts are Heath Ceramics, where you can find fantastic deals on seconds, as well as their signature line of ceramics; and, the Spaulding Wooden Boat Center, where you can stop in to see how a boat has been made for hundreds of years, or even charter their boat for an afternoon!

Stop #8. Bar Bocce is the perfect spot for an afternoon/evening cocktail and an appetizer with or without kids.  There’s a small beach where older kids can play at while you sit with your date around the fire pit and enjoy. There is a real Bocce court directly behind me that’s beautifully lit in the evenings. This is especially great for those notorious San Francisco ‘summer’ days..

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  1. nancy says:

    It’s fun to read your blog Liv. After five and a half years of frequent trips to SF, I’m seeing it in a whole new dimension. Watching your kids enjoying themselves adds the icing on top! Thanks.

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