Ridin the Ferry

Unique to San Francisco is the ability to commute, play, or visit via ferry. The ferries go west as far as Alameda, and north as far as Larkspur. Popular destinations in between include Sausalito, Tiburon, and Angel Island.  I recently decided to take the ferry into San Francisco to meet some college friends for dinner at the Slanted Door, and took along my new Gravel & Gold dress for the ride!

A gorgeous night for a ferry ride! We rode through a heavy ribbon of fog by the Golden Gate, but then it cleared up with a view of the Bay Bridge as we arrived into the Port of San Francisco.

The Slanted Door and many other delicious restaurants are about 10 steps from the ferry jetty inside the Ferry Building.The ferry is a great way to get out and see friends. The ride is gorgeous and romantic plus it’s nice not to worry about driving home at the end of the night.

Dress, Gravel & Gold. Belt, Nice Things Barcelona. Shoes, Madewell. Bracelet, Henri Bendel. Ring, like Beyonce says, “if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it.” Thanks Z…

A word on the Fashion:

Gravel & Gold is basically the place you dream of buying everything in your closet from! Everything in the shop is sourced sustainably from incredible artisans, mostly in and around the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco.  Cass, the store’s owner gave me the rundown on the dress’s roots from design through production. The designers charetted this pattern out in-studio, then brought the design to a print shop just down the road where it was hand screened onto the fabric. It was then cut and sewn in Gravel & Gold at the sewing machine just past the counter! Paper to hanger in house with just one quick walk down the street!

Nice Things is almost worth an entire trip to Barcelona just to shop! But since we cant afford to fly to Europe four times a year for each amazing collection, you’ll just have to be sure to pencil in a visit should you be going to Spain, France, Greece, or Portugal!  Founder and designer, Paloma S, also makes a community commitment in her initiation of activities for youth battling Cancer! Way to go to these two socially responsible and ultra chic companies!

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