Code Inspired

May 31, 2012 § 1 Comment

This under-stair sitting area is most likely inspired by the regulations surrounding compliancy for stair building codes.  Basically, there must be something preventing users from slamming their heads into the underside of the stairwell. This often makes for a very awkward space under the stair, especially if the architect hopes to make the stair a centrally located component of the design. It is commonly sorted out with, at worst, a closet; and, at best, an elevated display area. This is completely inspired for that area, both artistically and pertaining to code.

Who knew our biggest challenges could be our best inspiration. Oh wait we all know it, it’s just a matter of doing it…

Full project available via SeattleInspired or ArchDaily.

4 Things

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These four items have been sitting on my desktop, too cute to put in a folder and file away for another time, but not yet belonging to any cohesive category. Look & love the following…

I really consider this an art post, because other than the shoes (which, yes I LOVE), most of the outfit is indeciferable.  I don’t know if this is mixed media or photography, but the image completely enhances her spirit!

This image is reposted from La Dolce Vita. It’s an old print of Marilyn Monroe. Her hairdo is often so perfectly coiffed, this shot catches the reason America, and the rest of the world fell in love with her.

Image reposted from Design Sponge. A great DIY project for even the least handy – spray paint and a mason jar.  Plus great design moment. Red and gold are luxurious and go great together. Add a little something plain-jane-y and sweet to keep it from looking like an Asian ballroom.

Have a moment? Look through Swedish Real Estate websites. You’ll DIE for almost every gorgeous home in the higher end price ranges. This is a $1 million penthouse in Stockholm – ok ok I’ll take it… In my dreams! But it absolutely highlights again how well a light finish wood and white paint brighten up a room.

Edificio Covani

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This is the home my father grew up in. It is in Santiago, Cuba. It now has a name, Terrazas de Vistas Alegre, ‘terraces of happy views’. A little dilapidated now, but the stairwell is absolutely phenomenal:

This is looking up from the bottom of the stairs in the entryway. Below is an image of the stair, and a front view of the house taken about ten years ago.

Memorial Day Weekend in Sausalito

May 25, 2012 § 1 Comment

In anticipation of a weekend with the Grandparents, we took the kids to Sausalito to scout some yummy spots and pick up some flowers to spruce up the house for their big arrival!

Stop #1. Nancy Ann Flowers. They are somehow the best, freshest, cutest, and most inexpensive flowers in Marin County. We walked out of here with enough for medium bouquets for under $20! Thanks to Kerry for telling us where to go!

Stop #2. Cibo for a yummy snack. The shortbread cookies were to die for – even Thacher wanted some!! The back room used to be a seperate shop, but they recently bought it and it’s a fantastic spot for birthdays and other functions – like Lainie getting cookies with us! The first time we came here, I was interning in San Francisco during grad school and Marley was 9 months.  Zander loved the Prosciutto Panini so much, it was our first brunch spot when we finally moved a year and a half later!

Stops #3-7. Our favorite toddler haunts are the Discovery Museum and Southview Playground, which is Marley’s favorite playground, with a view of San Francisco from the Sausalito hills. Favorite adult haunts are Heath Ceramics, where you can find fantastic deals on seconds, as well as their signature line of ceramics; and, the Spaulding Wooden Boat Center, where you can stop in to see how a boat has been made for hundreds of years, or even charter their boat for an afternoon!

Stop #8. Bar Bocce is the perfect spot for an afternoon/evening cocktail and an appetizer with or without kids.  There’s a small beach where older kids can play at while you sit with your date around the fire pit and enjoy. There is a real Bocce court directly behind me that’s beautifully lit in the evenings. This is especially great for those notorious San Francisco ‘summer’ days..

Memorial Day Weekend in Sausalito – Closet

May 25, 2012 § 1 Comment

What to pull from the closet for a weekend of feting? The kids and I chose these preppy plus outfits! Hold on tiger mom, ok, I picked them myself…

Me (Liv): Dress, Shoshanna. Shoes, Jessica Simpson. Bag, Jimmy Choo. Bracelets, Trina Turk. Necklace, Vintage. My Daughter (Marley): Shirt, Gap Kids. Shorts, Tea. Fleece, Vineyard Vines. Shoes, Tom’s. My Son (Thacher): Shirt, Gap Kids. Overalls, Crochette Milano.


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I looked at my blog yesterday and didn’t see enough girly stuff – sorry men. Here’s a day dedicated to pink.

William Waldron photographed this. I love this color and it covers the room without screaming ‘look I’m pink!’ Instead it says, ‘hello lovely, feeling pink today?’ I am!

Which is why I would love to be sporting this little number…

And if you’re not ready to commit an outfit or a room to pink, try a dab here and there… Via Natasha Goldenberg.


Candles DIY project from Make, Do, & Spend. A splash of flowers goes soo nicely with this room!

House Boat

May 23, 2012 § 4 Comments

From legitimate to what-is-that, house boats certainly catch our attention.  They’re romantic and quixotic, depending on how they’re done, but I could absolutely see myself living in both of these!

V+C Architects. Seattle, Washington.


+31 Architects. De Omval, Holland.

Summer’s Coming

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With Memorial Day Weekend 4 days away, and the rest of summer to follow, I thought I’d share some of my all-time favorite pools with you.

Guerrero House. Cadiz, Spain. Architect: Alberto Campo Baeza.

I found this image years ago, and LOVE. If anyone has credits, location, please comment!

Xanadu. Medina, Washington; USA. Architect: Bohlin Cysinski Jackson.

Public Art

May 20, 2012 § 3 Comments

The term, ‘Public Art’ probably best captures what the artists intension and community receipt of this art type is.  Other names for it are street art, graffiti, tagging, community service… Public art is one of my favorite genres, not just because it’s free to go see, but it comes up on you and enhances your day when you weren’t expecting it. One of the reasons I went into Interior Architecture was to affect peoples’ experience of day to day activites; public artists have passed, considered, and reconsidered the location they choose, then address it with the content they think most appropriate. It is the most site-specific fine arts genre, and the cultural impact is outstanding. Here are a few that I admire:

By Tilt in Marceille, France. Reposted from Post + Grant.

By SoulKontroll in Well Fleet, MA.

By Unknown in NYC. From FreshPaintNYC.

By Unknown on Fillmore & Laussat in San Francisco.

10 Home Essentials

May 18, 2012 § 2 Comments

My top 10 are my items that move all around, and most recently… across the country with me because they are too essential to leave behind! Here they are:

1. Entry. Every home needs a landing for keys, glasses, mail, and a rest. Pop a squat – whether full sized or mini, it’s nice to have somewhere to sit down and take your shoes off. Asymmetry works great, especially when you’re able to place two larger mass items as the focus; the table and mirror play nicely off each other as darker, more stately pieces. The Ikea children’s chair and Roost lamp balance out the vignette with a modern playful flair.

2. Slide 25 by my brother-in-law, Robert Hyde.

3. Ikea Stockholm Rand Rug. I’d love to say I have the Madeline Weinrib original, but taking a zero off the price tag makes a difference, so Ikea it is!  The geometric pattern is interesting enough to take a look at, but subtle enough for everything else to happen on top of.

4. Bedroom. Everybody needs a respite where they feel like they can get away from everything and everyone, even if you have to use the fan for sound control… Buy linens that make you feel luxurious and cozy! I designed this bed and had it custom made for my husband as a wedding present. It makes me happy to snuggle up in , not to mention the amazing feather top mattress I demanded when I was pregnant!  The linens are Restoration Hardware; the artwork is from Bodin Gallery. I grew up outside of Washington DC, and my mom took classes at the Smithsonian so she would know how to pick the best oriental carpets. Knowledge is readily available if you take advantage of the right community resources – go get some and your kids will be sporting your duds in 30 years too!

5. Roost Low Horn Lamp.  They take anything organic and polish it nicely enough for Elton John. I love this in Horn and have used our pair all over my home – paired at an entry console, at side tables around the living room to keep the design together, or as matching his and hers bedside lamps. This is made from real horn, I also love their work in metals, woods, and glass!

6. Surfer Girl by Matt Schwarts.  Props to Matt for getting my attention twice in one week! But, it’s like I said, I look at this image and feel good about life – or go surfing. Either way, I end up smiling.

7. Dining Table that you love. This went on sale when Paul Gaucher of Icon Group closed his shop on the North Shore to focus his time more directly on his blossoming showroom in Boston.  I loved it so much, we bought it regardless of not at all having enough space for such a piece.  It is from reclaimed Teak wood that was sourced in Thailand, then crafted by an woodworker in South Carolina. We chose to finish it ourselves using Tung ‘n Teak oil; I love the cross-bracing under the table and even the unseen dovetails joining the table together. Always invest in pieces you love – you’ll find a way to fit them.  We have two chairs along one side and one at each ends because we don’t have space to fit a full 6 seater in our apartment – it still looks great!

8. Good Trash Can. I like the Simple Human Retro Roundstep, because the yucky part should be inside.

9. Flowers. A room isn’t alive if there’s nothing living in it… Pretty is great. Alive is better. Picked wild or bought, flowers will freshen your air up, literally.

10. Something cute for the bathroom. Bathrooms are always the last place people think of. So, whether it’s a silver frame of you and a loved one or your favorite flea market finds… find a spot and make it cute. There’s no avoiding it, so put some thought into it!

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