Code Inspired

This under-stair sitting area is most likely inspired by the regulations surrounding compliancy for stair building codes.  Basically, there must be something preventing users from slamming their heads into the underside of the stairwell. This often makes for a very awkward space under the stair, especially if the architect hopes to make the stair a […]

4 Things

These four items have been sitting on my desktop, too cute to put in a folder and file away for another time, but not yet belonging to any cohesive category. Look & love the following… I really consider this an art post, because other than the shoes (which, yes I LOVE), most of the outfit […]

Edificio Covani

This is the home my father grew up in. It is in Santiago, Cuba. It now has a name, Terrazas de Vistas Alegre, ‘terraces of happy views’. A little dilapidated now, but the stairwell is absolutely phenomenal: This is looking up from the bottom of the stairs in the entryway. Below is an image of […]

Memorial Day Weekend in Sausalito

In anticipation of a weekend with the Grandparents, we took the kids to Sausalito to scout some yummy spots and pick up some flowers to spruce up the house for their big arrival! Stop #1. Nancy Ann Flowers. They are somehow the best, freshest, cutest, and most inexpensive flowers in Marin County. We walked out […]

Memorial Day Weekend in Sausalito – Closet

What to pull from the closet for a weekend of feting? The kids and I chose these preppy plus outfits! Hold on tiger mom, ok, I picked them myself… Me (Liv): Dress, Shoshanna. Shoes, Jessica Simpson. Bag, Jimmy Choo. Bracelets, Trina Turk. Necklace, Vintage. My Daughter (Marley): Shirt, Gap Kids. Shorts, Tea. Fleece, Vineyard Vines. […]


I looked at my blog yesterday and didn’t see enough girly stuff – sorry men. Here’s a day dedicated to pink. William Waldron photographed this. I love this color and it covers the room without screaming ‘look I’m pink!’ Instead it says, ‘hello lovely, feeling pink today?’ I am! Which is why I would love […]

House Boat

From legitimate to what-is-that, house boats certainly catch our attention.  They’re romantic and quixotic, depending on how they’re done, but I could absolutely see myself living in both of these! V+C Architects. Seattle, Washington. +31 Architects. De Omval, Holland.

Summer’s Coming

With Memorial Day Weekend 4 days away, and the rest of summer to follow, I thought I’d share some of my all-time favorite pools with you. Guerrero House. Cadiz, Spain. Architect: Alberto Campo Baeza. I found this image years ago, and LOVE. If anyone has credits, location, please comment! Xanadu. Medina, Washington; USA. Architect: Bohlin Cysinski […]

Public Art

The term, ‘Public Art’ probably best captures what the artists intension and community receipt of this art type is.  Other names for it are street art, graffiti, tagging, community service… Public art is one of my favorite genres, not just because it’s free to go see, but it comes up on you and enhances your […]

10 Home Essentials

My top 10 are my items that move all around, and most recently… across the country with me because they are too essential to leave behind! Here they are: 1. Entry. Every home needs a landing for keys, glasses, mail, and a rest. Pop a squat – whether full sized or mini, it’s nice to […]