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photo (4)

My Heath Vegetable Bowl filled with this season’s pumpkin patch harvest.

 CupofJo hunter-boots

Hunter Boots, shown here on Cup of Jo

classy girls wear pearls

Fall Favorites from Sarah at  classygirlswearpearls.com


Homemade breads. My little sister makes the best! (book)

Imogene + Willie

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This one-of-a-kind shop in Nashville, TN has an amazing backstory to it, and textiles fashioned into cozy casual wear you’ll want to snuggle up in all this fall…



I+W Feather Necklace $280. Each cast from a unique branch piece



Hencye Utility Pant, $278


Mae Nightshirt, $168


Mike D in Brooklyn – New York Times

July 18, 2013 § 1 Comment

The New York Times did a piece in their Style section on Mike D’s townhouse in Brooklyn, NY. And, all of us who screamed “No Sleep til Brooklyn” in the middle of the night at some point in our lives (regardless of how close or far we were from Brooklyn), feel totally authenticated in his sweet BK style! Here are my favorite snapshots from the Times article!

Picture 4

Mike D of the Beastie Boys at home with his wife, Tamra, in their Brooklyn digs.

Picture 5

Bathroom Vanity – probably from a vintage piece. You can do anything with a sweet find – even put a sink in it!

Picture 6

Living room. I love this shot. I recognized the Missoni pouf (from their collection with Target) right away. I saw it in my old Boss’s house and was blown away when she told me Target! On the high-low, the chair across the way is a work by Patricia Urquiola.

Picture 7

TV room. A little heavy on the color palette, but super fun idea – I love a good projector show!

Picture 8

Reclaimed wood cladding in the kitchen – a Brooklyn Best Practice for commercial and residential!

Picture 9

Art, art, and more art. Want your friends to believe you when you claim you’re authentically anything? Buy the art to back yourself up. Whether it’s ebay, etsy, or a gallery, you’ll find something that reflects how you identify yourself and the world around you. Showcase it – once you have a collection together, it will speak to you like no other collection can!

Picture 10

Amaze-balls custom shelving by locals ESP Metal Crafts.

Picture 11

Master bath. I recently read an article on Collin Burry in California Home Design- he said “A good bathroom is like good shoes. You need them to complete an outfit.”

Picture 12

Bedroom. It’s always nice to know… Who would have guessed Mike D would sleep in a traditional design 4 poster bed?? Go figure – we all need a little history in our lives!



Fern NYC

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I came across Fern while looking for a credenza. I am enamoured with their weathered feel and detailed hardware! Love some yourself!


Spring Credenza




Beam Desk Lamp




Concrete Wood Form + Concrete

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The combination of form grain with polished grain make this an outstanding exterior clad home!






Cuban Girl Marries White Boy

June 12, 2013 § Leave a comment



I feel so badly about not having posted much in the past three months that I decided to share a little nugget of awesome with you all. Your favorite Cuban girl wore nothing exciting to go dancing at a fishing hut with my lovely New Englander husband!

laugh yourselves silly!

xo, liv

Paola Lenti

May 20, 2013 § Leave a comment

Summer is coming, and in the spirit, I wanted to share the best outdoor furniture collection I know of, Paola Lenti. This sharp, Italian aesthetic is fit in the Napa hills or your rooftop terrace. (No, not next to your ghetto baby swimming pool….) It’s the real deal. I hope you love it as much as I do!

Images takes at DZINE, San Francisco.


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